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Receiving a new diagnosis can cause you to feel uncertain. For some people, acquiring a new diagnosis can be empowering and comforting; for others, it can feel overwhelming and frightening. Working to better understand your diagnosis can help you move forward and receive the support and help you need. Here are a few different ways you can work to understand your new diagnosis better.

State Your Concerns

Share your concerns regarding your new diagnosis with your therapist. Explore the ways in which this new diagnosis may be connected to your symptoms. When you understand how your challenges are connected to your new diagnosis, that can help you to understand the diagnosis better.

Ask Questions

Ask all of the questions you have in your head. When you know more about your diagnosis, you will feel more confident and ready to accept and work with that new diagnosis. For some, speaking up and asking questions can be a daunting task. That is perfectly understandable and normal. Work with your therapist to build a level of comfort so that you feel comfortable asking questions and voicing your concerns. Your therapist is there to support and help you. They want to answer your questions and help you feel prepared to seek treatment for your diagnosis.

Keep an Open Mind

Try to keep an open mind about your new diagnosis. Learn as much as you can from your therapist and let them explain your treatment options to you. New concepts can be challenging, and keeping an open mind can be difficult sometimes. That is normal. Talk openly and honestly with your therapist about what you are feeling and experiencing.

Talk About Your Goals

Talk with your therapist about your goals. How does this new diagnosis affect your goals? How would you like to work on this diagnosis? The more open you can be with your therapist, the better they will be able to support you.

Receiving a new diagnosis can feel overwhelming and even a little scary. There are steps you can take to feel better. Ask all of your questions. When you feel knowledgeable, you will feel more in control. Try to keep an open mind as your therapist explains the diagnosis and treatment options. Talk openly about your struggles and your goals. Here at The Guest House, we understand how complex mental health issues can be and feel. We are here to support you every step of the way. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about treatment options.