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When it comes to conscious manifestation, two of the most powerful words in the universe are “I am.” When we speak these words, we’re not only speaking what we want into existence, we’re embodying and becoming what we want to be, and we’re creating the lives we want for ourselves. We are always manifesting, every day. We’re creating our life circumstances from our internal energy. Many of us are manifesting struggle and difficulty because our energy is full of self-destructiveness, self-sabotage, stress, and unhappiness. We’re seeing the evidence of our thoughts and feelings manifested, in a tangible form, like the lives we’re living every day. When we struggle with addiction, we’re often thinking thoughts that are detrimental to our well-being and that block us from healing. 

How We Think About Ourselves and Our Addictions

Being caught in addictive patterns is extremely difficult. Our addictions are some of our greatest challenges in life. When we’re in the midst of struggling with addiction, we tend to manifest more struggle because of how we think and feel about ourselves and our addictions. “I am sick. I am ill. I am suffering. I am struggling. I can’t heal myself. I’ll always be suffering. I am worthless. I don’t deserve to be happy. I have made too many mistakes. I am beyond redemption. I am shameful. I don’t deserve forgiveness.” When we think, speak and feel in these ways, we’re strengthening the hold that our addictions have over us. We’re worsening our self-esteem, belittling ourselves, and beating ourselves down. Rather than motivating ourselves to push forward, we’re limiting ourselves and holding ourselves back. 

Changing Our Self-Talk

Changing how we speak to and about ourselves is a practice. It’s something we want to commit to and practice every day. We want to shift our inner voice to become self-empowering and uplifting. “I am healing. I am in recovery. I am strong. I am powerful. I am capable. I believe in myself. I love myself. I am growing, changing, and evolving. I am aligning with my truth and becoming the highest, most authentic version of myself. I am growing stronger every day. I am healthy. I am wise. I am self-protective. I am strong enough to make healthy choices for myself.”

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