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Forgiveness can be challenging for everyone. Whether we are forgiving something small another person did, or something more internal, it can be a process. Few of us simply forgive easily and move on with life. It takes time to get over whatever happened, and it is a process to fully feel okay with forgiveness. When battling mental health issues or addiction, learning to forgive both yourself and others can be a really important step in your recovery journey. If you keep holding onto past trauma and hurt, it will stay with you. By keeping the trauma and hurt with you, it can be hard to form a new, healthy lifestyle. Sometimes you need to forgive to move forward.

Forgiving Others

We have all been in situations where another person has done something negative to us, made us feel bad, or put us in not-great situations. Sometimes those incidents are small, and we can move on with life pretty easily. Other times the events are big, and it is hard to get over them. We also may never actually get an apology from that person. Those situations can be the hardest to work through. Maybe that person really is not sorry for what they did or feels they did not do it. Whatever the situation may be, there will be times when we do not get the apology that we feel we deserve. Learning to forgive others, even when they are not sorry, is a huge step.

Forgiving Ourselves 

Everyone makes mistakes in life. Learning to forgive ourselves is an important part of the recovery journey. Learning to accept our mistakes, acknowledge our feelings, and understand our actions are all part of growing into the person we want to be. Sometimes when we are suffering from an addiction, we find ourselves only focusing on what we did wrong, or the challenges we are trying to overcome. Remembering to forgive yourself for your past is huge. By forgiving yourself you can work to move forward and lead a healthy, happy life. 


Learning to forgive yourself and others is a huge part of recovery. Forgiving can help you move forward and find peace with your past. You may find that you never received an apology for certain injuries, or that you are harboring negativity for your past choices. Working to move forward with forgiveness will help to start fresh and create a positive life that you are so capable of. The Guest House has many different therapeutic options to help you through your journey. Call us today to get more information at (855) 483-7800.