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Reconnecting With Parents After Treatment

Family relationships can be challenging. Sure, you did not pick your parents, and they may frustrate you. Still, they can be a source of love, support, and affection. However, when you are dealing with addiction or other difficulties in life, it can be easy to become estranged from family members. Reconnecting with parents can bring a sense of hope to your recovery journey and add positive support that can help you prevent relapse.

This blog will discuss positive ways to reconnect with parents after treatment, which may include using the tools you have learned during treatment. The blog will also explore making amends and how The Guest House can help you make these healing connections.

Reconnecting With Parents Is Possible

Recovery can seem like a lonely journey, especially when you think about the bad choices you made during your addiction. You may feel like there is no hope of reconnecting with your parents because you feel shame about your past actions. When you recognize how your actions have affected others, it can be challenging.

Nevertheless, reconnecting with your parents can be an important part of your healing journey. Substance use disorder (SUD) affects the whole family, impacting each person differently. Although family members may be estranged right now, they can play a beneficial role in your healing during recovery. Still, the truth is that reconnecting with your parents can take time, and patience is vital during the recovery process.

Start Simply When Reconnecting With Parents

Perhaps you have decided that now is the time to reconnect with your parents. This may be scary. You may have so many questions and may feel the need to explain everything to them. The best strategy when reconnecting with parents is to start simple. For example, invite them to meet you at a park or a community event. You do not have to make an elaborate meal or feel obligated to demonstrate that you are doing well. Your parents will know how you’re doing by your actions and how you treat them.

It is important to understand the process of building positive and supportive relationships in recovery. Building relationships can seem daunting. However, one of the most common barriers to long-term sobriety is a lack of a solid support system. Reconnecting with your parents can help build a positive support system that will help you during your recovery journey.

Trust Your Process

Many emotions can surface when reconnecting with your parents. You may have unresolved resentment about past choices they made. You may blame them for many things. Trust your feelings and go slowly. You did not create your current situation in a day. Therefore, it may take longer than a day to create new circumstances and relationships. Do not push yourself to do something you are not ready for.

Make sure you are ready to reconnect with your parents by discussing what you want the relationship to look like in the present. The past will likely come up, so you need to ensure you are emotionally ready to handle that conversation. If not, feelings of shame or guilt can surface, which can present more barriers to overcome.

Be Prepared for Reconnecting With Parents

According to the journal Innovation in Aging, significant research tells us that having connections with family promotes well-being across the lifespan. You may be hesitant to maintain those connections due to past events and fear of the unknown. Also, reconnecting with parents can trigger emotions you have been unaware of. Knowing that emotions may become triggered can help you with getting prepared.

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. As you prepare to reconnect with your parents, understand that trust is earned; it is not usually freely given. For that reason, don’t be discouraged if your parents don’t trust you right away. Reconnecting with parents may take some time. However, you are growing and healing through this process. If you are struggling, individual therapy is available at The Guest House.

Be Reliable and Trustworthy

Be the person who is dependable in the relationship. If you decide to meet with them, be on time and be reliable. Reconnecting with parents can be a struggle and all you want is for them to see that you are better and striving for change. One way of doing that is to do what you say you will do. By following through, you are setting the foundation for a trusting relationship. According to the journal Medical Care, trust is essential in building relationships, especially relationships where a power struggle is present.

How The Guest House Helps You While You Are Reconnecting With Parents

Establishing a point of connection is hard enough. However, here you are in recovery, knowing that you want to reconnect with your parents. It is honorable that you are willing to admit your mistakes and try to change. Remember to be kind to yourself during this process. Know that sometimes no matter how good your intentions are, you cannot control other people’s reactions.

At The Guest House, we understand your pain and desire for change. Some of us have even been through it ourselves and can relate to this challenge. You have come this far and you must know that you are brave.

You have worked so hard to become the person you are. As you’ve healed from addiction or mental health issues, perhaps it has become second nature for you to forgive others and not judge yourself. There is one thing that you continue to contemplate, though. That is whether you should reconnect with your parents. You may be scared of rejection or punishment. However, with grace and forgiveness, there is no wrong way out. At The Guest House, we understand your journey and will encourage you no matter what you decide to do. Many of our staff members have overcome addiction and know what it takes to reconnect with family. Give us a call today at (855) 483-7800.