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This blog will discuss the events related to the Pulse nightclub shootings. If you have been affected by this event and feel that the information will be triggering to you, reading might not be best for your health. For support, reach out to a trusted loved one.

On June 12 of 2016, the history of Central Florida, the state of Florida, and the United States of America was changed forever. A tragic mass shooting took place at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando claiming the lives of 49 individuals and wounding more than 50 others or more. What made the Pulse shooting stand out among other mass shootings, aside from having one of the highest death counts in history, was the specificity of the target. Pulse is a gay nightclub. The attack was designated a terrorist effort and the effects were felt around the world.

The people who survived the shooting, their family members, their friends, and the loving members of their community felt the effects of the traumatic events. Mental health hotlines sprung into action to support the many calls for help coming from distressed members of the LGBTQ+ community and their many allies. PTSD is known to occur not only in people who live through a traumatic event, but their family members, and people who watch news coverage of traumatic events at home. Trauma is so impactful the first, second, and third party witnesses can all be affected. For the Pulse nightclub event, trauma has affected first responders, police, local officials, local organizations, journalists, and many more of the people who were involved.

As the Pulse memorial in Orlando has been revealed, Orlando pride has taken place, and the world celebrates Pride Month throughout June, there is a somber reminder of the Pulse event. There is also the reminder of incredible resilience, strength and authenticity of a community which came together to fight hate with unconditional, unending love.

During anniversary celebrations, a unique phenomenon called “the anniversary effect” can take place. Leading up to, during, and shortly after the time of a traumatic event like Pulse, it is common for people to experience anxiety, depression, insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks, and/or problematic behavioral impulses to cope with the reminder. PTSD can be healed, but the effects can last for a lifetime. With treatment and therapy, we can heal together and continue moving forward, with love, through our lives.

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