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Sharing Stories Of Sexual Abuse Isn’t Easy, But It Can Change The World

Judy Crane defines trauma in her book The Trauma Heart as “any life event or series of life events or ongoing life events that create a negative impact on your life that changes or distorts your vision of yourself and your place in the world.” Sexual abuse is inarguably one of those events. Sexual abuse can deteriorate every last semblance of understanding we have for the world around us. Everything we knew about our world, our religion, our faith, and every other area of our lives was shattered in the matter of a moment.

Yet, in just the matter of a moment, the story of sexual abuse can be shared. In just a moment the shame, guilt, and pain can be liberated. With just one moment the story of one person, the brave retelling of their life, can not only heal them, but heal someone else. All it takes is one moment- one moment to speak or one moment to listen- to start the chain reaction of healing. While it is true that this media coverage can kickstart retraumatization, it is also true that it is already leading to the healing journeys of thousands of trauma survivors.

Trauma events are not isolated. Most often, one person’s trauma near-perfectly mirrors another person’s trauma. At once, our traumas are unique yet largely the same. Whatever we are forced to endure in life, we can be guaranteed that one other person on earth has experienced practically the exact same thing.

By sharing their stories, survivors help other survivors find closure. Trauma healing is a collective, quantum effort. One person’s healing sends out a ripple effect throughout the time-space continuum and very fabrics of the universe. To anyone outside of trauma healing, this may sound far-fetched. Those who have been lucky enough to witness trauma healing in others knows this to be a very real miracle. Publicized stories like these bring out justice and closure in a way that stems far beyond the personal. As a result, the whole world can become more aware, more mindful, cultivate more empathy and compassion, then love each other a little more deeply and with a little more sensitivity. Trauma healing always contributes to the greater good.

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