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Attending treatment can be a scary thought. It is probably is out of your comfort zone, and you may be apprehensive about the process of recovery. Being nervous or anxious about attending treatment is completely normal, and most people feel some sort of anxiety stepping through the door of a treatment center for the very first time.

Many people wonder if that process would be made easier if experienced with a friend. It is important to learn about the recovery process and take time to gain a better understanding of your own mental health issues. Work with a mental health professional to begin your healing journey. As you begin that journey, here are a few points to keep in mind if you are considering attending treatment with a friend.

Consider Your Goals

Begin to create both short-term and long-term goals for yourself. What do those goals look like? What does your life look like post-treatment? It is important to completely focus upon yourself and your goals while in treatment. While attending treatment with a friend may sound more enjoyable and less scary, doing so may make it more challenging to focus entirely upon yourself and your needs.

Talk With a Therapist

Talking with your therapist is the best way to answer all of your questions and concerns. If you think you want to attend treatment with a friend, talk about why you want that and whether your therapist thinks that it would or would not hinder your progress or goals. Try to keep an open mind about what your therapist says. They will probably be introducing a lot of new concepts and thought processes for you to consider and learn about.

Focus On Your Own Journey

One reason that residential treatment can be such an amazing option is that it lets you separate yourself from your daily life and surroundings. For many, this separation will help with focus and goal setting. For that reason, it may be better for you to attend treatment on your own.

Choosing to attend treatment is a big decision that often comes with uncertainty or hesitation. Many people wonder if that fear would be lessened by attending treatment with a friend. Consider what your goals are and focus on your specific journey. Working closely with your therapist will help you determine what is best for you and your recovery. Here at The Guest House, we help people determine their goals and then help them with their recovery and working towards those specific goals. We are here for you. Call us today at (855) 483-7800.