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There are a few things you need to understand if you have been diagnosed with a mental illness. First, you are not broken. Second, you are not damaged. Third, you have nothing to be ashamed of, regardless of what society is telling you. Thankfully, we are currently living in a changing age when it comes to the conversation about mental illness and mental health. In the last few years, self-care and mental health have becoming trending topics of discussion. Researchers are spending time learning about the brain, behaviors, trauma, and how to help people heal. Tragically, it has also been the passing of notable figures in recent years which has caused a widespread inspiration to speak up about struggles with mental health. Celebrities are talking about it, musicians are talking about it, athletes are talking about it. If members of the spotlight can speak confidently and authentically about their mental health it has to mean one thing: you should never be ashamed of your mental illness.

Mental illness involves a list of disorders each with unique symptoms and manifestations. It is true that some mental illnesses can result in behaviors which are not without an element of shame. However, behavioral issues are often par for the course with mental illness. Behaviors stem from the mind. When the mind is not well, it cannot function properly.

People don’t choose to be mentally ill. People don’t choose to live with a diagnosis. People do have a choice in how they heal. Living under the control of symptoms does not have to be a lifetime experience. Healing and transformation is possible for many mental illnesses. Evidence based treatments and therapies, holistic healing, and innovative approaches can all put symptoms into remission by supporting a lifestyle of recovery.

Recovering from mental illness is a lifestyle which is ongoing, not an experience which is short-term. It takes time, energy, and work to recover, but recovery is possible. Choosing recovery is choosing a life which is dedicated to constant insight, introspection, learning, and growing. Recovery is never anything to be ashamed of.

Your recovery starts the minute you ask for help in starting the journey. We welcome you with open arms to The Guest House Ocala, where everyone has a story. Our private residential treatment programs for trauma, addiction, and related mental health issues are customized on a concierge level of care to meet each guest’s unique needs. Call us today for information: 1-855-483-7800