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Staying Connected to Support While in Recovery

As you journey through recovery from addiction, it is imperative to stay connected to your support system. You made a tremendous change in your life by attending treatment and discovering sobriety. That journey was incredibly challenging, and you faced past trauma and mental health struggles that were dark and uncomfortable. You should be incredibly proud of yourself for the direction you have taken in your life and how far you have already come towards your goals.

However, as you work through your recovery, you will have challenging days. Everyone faces moments where they do not believe in themselves or think they can achieve their goals. Recovery is an amazing time. You will learn so much about yourself and what you are capable of. However, it can also be a challenging time filled with temptation and triggers. Having support around you that you can find comfort in and feel safe with is essential. Here are a few ways you can stay connected to support throughout your recovery.

Lean on Friends and Loved Ones

Having a solid support system of friends and family members is highly beneficial. Your loved ones know you the best. They are probably also the people who you feel the most comfortable with. When you have days when you question whether you can manage your sobriety, they are the people who you can turn to and talk with.

Tell them what you are feeling. Talk with them about what you are worried or anxious about. Your loved ones want you to succeed in your recovery. They want to be there for you and help in any way that they can.

For some people, that would be simply talking. Other people may benefit from doing activities or going somewhere fun. Simply spending time with someone you feel safe with can help you remember your worth and capabilities. Take time to discover what you need from your loved ones and talk with them about those needs.

Consider Support Groups

There are many different support groups available. Consider exploring the various groups that may connect with parts of your diagnosis or something that you find interesting. Attending a support group does not mean that you are struggling with your recovery or sobriety. On the contrary, attending a support group is one way to proactively put your mental health first.

Connecting with other people who understand your journey or have similar experiences can help you to feel less alone. While your journey is entirely unique to you, feeling understood can be powerful.

Talk with people in your life or your therapist about support groups they would recommend. There is a good chance you know more people with a mental health diagnosis than you think. Hearing what other people have found beneficial can help you find the confidence to take the first step to attend a group meeting.

Explore Online Options

Other options you can consider are virtual options that are now widely available. There are therapy options, clubs, and support groups that exist entirely online. There are many different reasons that someone would want an online option. One major perk of an online group is that they are typically available at all times. If you find yourself struggling more at night than during the day, that is when you should log on and connect with other people. There is a good chance they understand your struggle as well.

Others may benefit for comfort reasons. If you have never attended therapy before, you may find virtual visits less stressful or scary. It is perfectly okay to feel that way. Virtual therapy is just as beneficial as in-person therapy for many people. Online groups also can give you many more options.

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Connecting with other people in groups, clubs, or therapy may be outside your comfort zone. That is understandable and something that many people feel. However, finding and maintaining support throughout recovery is needed. Try to step outside of your comfort zone and consider trying new things. You never know what you will find comfort in. You could be surprised by what group or therapy option may help you the most.

Explore Activities You Enjoy

Try out new activities. As you try out new activities, you will probably connect with new people doing similar activities. Sometimes meeting new people can feel scary. You may worry about feeling judged for your past or mental health. When you have an activity in common with someone, it can help you feel more comfortable and give you a great conversation starter.

Staying connected with support throughout recovery is incredibly important for your mental health and overall well-being. Take time to consider what type of support you need for your recovery. Consider connecting with your loved ones and friends. Having people who love you be available to help you during challenging times can bring comfort and security. Others may benefit from joining support groups. Explore both in-person and virtual support options. Step outside of your comfort zone and keep an open mind as you work to discover new ways to find the support you need. Here at The Guest House, we understand that everyone is on a unique journey and requires different levels and kinds of support. We are here to help you explore different support options and determine what is best for you and your well-being. Call us today to learn more about our post-treatment options and how we can support you at (855) 483-7800.