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Supporting a loved one who is struggling with a phobia can be an intense and complicated experience. If you do not struggle with any phobias, you may not understand what your loved one is experiencing or what they may need from you in the form of support. If you know someone struggling with a phobia, here are a few different suggestions on how you can support them through their recovery.

Educate Yourself About Phobias

If you do not struggle with any phobias, it can be hard to fully understand what they are and what it is like to experience them. One way to support your loved one is to educate yourself about phobias. When you educate yourself, you can learn more about what your loved one is experiencing, why they are experiencing certain things, and how to support them better. Education can also help reduce the amount of false information regarding phobias and the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Avoid Placing Pressure

It can be easy to try to place pressure on your loved one to face their phobia. For someone who does not experience phobias, this may seem like the best option. However, phobias are often complex and do not respond well to simplistic solutions. Encourage your loved one to seek support from a mental health care professional so that they can learn the best skills and tools for their situation.

Continue to Build Trust

Continue to build trust within your relationship. Create an atmosphere where your loved one feels safe talking with you about what they are feeling and experiencing. Being able to speak openly about your mental health issues can be a real comfort.

Support Them in Whatever Way They Need

Ask your loved one how they would like you to support them. Everyone is unique and will need different forms of support. Do not assume you know how they want to be supported. Have an open and honest conversation with them about their goals and what they are working to achieve.

Supporting a loved one who is struggling with a phobia can be challenging, but you do not need to understand someone’s struggles in order to support them. Educate yourself about phobias and avoid pressuring your loved one. Maintain a strong relationship with them and ask them how you can support them. Here at The Guest House, we understand that mental health struggles can affect entire households. We are here to support you while you learn how to best support your loved one. Call us today to learn more about treatment options at (855) 483-7800.