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In the early hours of June 14, 2017, tragedy struck the residents of a public housing building in the North Kensington area of London. What would turn out to be a cluster of manufacturing, coding, and building issues, led to a nearly instantaneous incineration of a 24-story building. Of the nearly 300 people who lived in the building, 72 lives were taken in the fire and 70 others were physically injured. Many of the people involved in the horrific events of that night, from residents to neighbors, from first responders to government officials, have been mentally injured as well.

Trauma is widely becoming understood as any significant or impactful life event. Sky News reports that more than 500 children were negatively impacted by the traumatic events which took place at Grenfell tower. The National Health System in England released this information, according to the article:

In the one year since the event, 521 children and 2,006 adults have been treated by health teams stationed in the area.Treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder has been identified as urgently needed for 1,600 people.Children are “regressing” and “showing signs of PTSD”.Flashbacks, intrusive memories difficulty sleeping, and difficulty concentrating at school are shared symptoms among the children.For some children, their trauma is manifesting through separation anxiety from parents.During nightmares, some children are wetting the bed.

Why Trauma Symptoms Can Take Time

Adults mistakenly discount the emotional experiences of children, assuming children cannot understand the depths of a traumatic event taking place. Adults might assume that when children act under their natural resilience that they have not been affected by a severe trauma, like a fire. Children are naturally resilient and absorb the shock of trauma differently than adults. Children are not, however, immune to the effects of trauma. Initial shock, denial, and the inability to emotionally comprehend what has happened can delay the onset of trauma symptoms. Weeks, months, or a year may go by until trauma seeks to manifest itself into more obvious symptoms.

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