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Traumatic events can alter the functioning of our brains and central nervous systems. The lingering effects of a traumatic experience can create the feeling that we are not safe. This feeling of a lack of safety and security begins to carry over into other areas of life. We may feel this way all the time, as if we are always in danger, especially if we have not taken the time needed to heal from pain. By thoroughly processing and examining our trauma pain, we can learn to heal from the negative effects. When we heal, we can begin to feel safe and secure about the world around us.

Traumatic events can feel so life-threatening that they completely change the way that our minds react to every experience. Our minds may not have had the ability to process the trauma and therefore continue to react to the possibility of a repeated traumatic event. For those who have experienced long-term trauma, like an abusive marriage or childhood, the effects of trauma can be ingrained deeply in the brain’s processing capacity. We may have learned negative coping skills or avoidance tactics that are creating other disruptions in our lives. For those experiencing trauma from an isolated event, the shock of the event can leave us feeling unsafe and threatened for a lifetime. We may feel on-edge and unable to relax.

Our brains can heal from trauma. Much like any other part of our body can heal through physical therapy, treatment can help us manage symptoms created by trauma. Our brains and central nervous systems can be retrained to react more appropriately to the outside world. We can regain a feeling of safety and security by treating our trauma.


Trauma can affect or alter the way our brains process the world around us. We may be over-reactive to any changes or stressors in life and find it difficult to feel happy or fulfilled. Treatment from trauma can help to heal our brains and teach us better ways to cope with our problems. The Guest House specializes in treating trauma with a variety of approaches and modalities to help you recover. We understand the damaging effects of trauma and are to help you recover from the pain. We know that trauma can have a profound impact on our overall health and well-being. Trauma can affect us in all areas of life. We can help you heal! Call The Guest House today at (855) 483-7800 to begin your treatment.