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Turning Our Problems Over to Our Higher Power

One of the things we learn as part of our recovery is to have faith in a higher power and to turn our problems over to it whenever we can’t solve them for ourselves. The act of surrendering any problems that are out of our control to our higher power can bring us a great deal of comfort, and it allows us to keep working at our recovery without being held back by the fear and overwhelm that can overtake us whenever there’s a problem we can’t solve in our lives. Sometimes situations will arise that we can’t easily find a resolution for. There will be issues that are out of our hands, and things that confuse and overwhelm us, that we can’t wrap our minds around. Often our instinct is to react to these feelings of powerlessness. We shut down and aren’t able to function, or we panic and become highly reactive and emotional. The reactions that we tend to have when we feel like we don’t know how to solve a problem usually work against us. They don’t align us with the energy of problem-solving, or hopefulness. They actually tend to do the opposite, making us feel even worse about things and leaving us with even more confusion to grapple with and more problems to solve.

Surrendering Is The First Step To Empowerment 

When we turn our problems over to our higher power, we’re saying to ourselves that it’s okay not to have all the answers, that we’re being divinely guided, cared for and protected by a power bigger than us. We’re sending a message to our inner selves that we’re going to have faith, and we’re going to allow our faith to help us transcend our fear. We’re making the choice not to let worry or overwhelm incapacitate us. We’re going to look for what things we can do in the moment, and on a daily basis, to work through the problem. We’ll look for what things we can control, and we’ll work on those, such as our thought patterns and our emotional responses to what’s going on in our lives. Anything we can’t control, we’ll give to our higher power. We’ll surrender it with faith, knowing that everything will work out for our highest good, even if we can’t see our way through the problem right now, even if we have no idea what our highest good looks or feels like.

Having faith, trusting in our higher power, and easing up on ourselves creates energetic space within ourselves to focus on our healing. When we’re busy trying to control things we have no control over, we’re detracting from our ability to get well. Turning over our problems to our higher power is an exercise in self-love, in practicing having faith on a daily basis, and in focusing on self-care while we let things work themselves out.

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