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Understanding Changes in Our Behavior

There are many signs we might be struggling with addiction, and changes in our behavioral patterns are some of the most obvious telltale signs we have a problem. If you’re questioning whether or not addiction might be an issue for you, try to become more mindful of the behavioral changes you experience, both after using a substance or when you’re craving it. For those of us living with addiction, our behaviors can fluctuate, just as our moods and emotions can, especially when we haven’t used our drug of choice and are experiencing cravings for it, and also when we have used it and are still high or are coming down from the high.

For some of us, the addictive urges, cravings, and temptations we feel for our drugs of choice can make us behave in erratic, unpredictable and even hostile ways. We can become impatient, frustrated and volatile. Our behaviors might be perplexing, confusing and troubling to the people around us. We might start engaging in behaviors we normally wouldn’t. We might do things we’re opposed to, things that bother and concern us, things that make us feel worse about ourselves. We might engage in self-harming behaviors.

Similarly, once we’ve used or are feeling the after-effects of using, we might experience changes in our behaviors. We might act in ways that appear disoriented, confused or sluggish. We might not be thinking clearly. Our judgment might be impaired. We might make decisions we regret and behave in ways we feel badly about. We might take more risks with our safety and well-being. We might be unable to remember the things we’ve done after drinking or using. We’re then left trying to piece back together the events of days prior, trying to make sense of the things we’ve done and the problematic ways in which we’ve behaved.

Our changes in behavior can be warning signs that addictive patterns are developing within our lives, or even that we’re now living with a full-blown addiction. We often aren’t mindful of the ways in which we behave. Sometimes our behavioral changes are subtle, sometimes they are more drastic, but they are often well beneath our conscious awareness, in part because we’re in denial and actively trying not to see and admit them. We want to develop our self-awareness to be able to see how we’re behaving, how we’re impacting our own lives and those of the people around us, and how our choices are affecting us. A huge part of the recovery process is taking inventory of all the behaviors we’re unhappy with and then working to transform them so that we can bring peace and calm back to our lives.

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