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Wellness Practices for the New Year

The New Year is always the perfect time to think about a fresh start. If you’re in recovery, it’s important to have a healthy routine you can stick with. A solid plan of action with the right wellness practices can help you begin the healthiest year of your life.

Healthy Habits in the New Year

According to the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), almost half of all Americans “make at least one New Year’s resolution.” Even though many people don’t actually follow through, the sheer act of making the resolution is enough to create positive effects and behavioral changes.

The most popular resolutions usually have to do with health and wellness. In fact, a 2020 study in PLOS One that sought out a large-scale experiment on New Year’s resolutions found the most popular resolutions regarded “physical health, weight loss, and eating habits.”

Approach-Oriented Goals vs. Avoidance-Oriented Goals

A big indicator of whether or not individuals actually stick with their New Year’s resolutions lies in the type of goals they set for themselves. PLOS One found that participants who had “approach-oriented goals,” like new habits and wellness practices, were more successful in keeping their New Year’s resolutions than those with “avoidance-oriented goals.”

Avoidance-oriented goals usually include a list of things you would like to avoid or stop doing. You may want to stop smoking, stop drinking, or even stop letting your family annoy you so easily. These types of goals are a great place to start. But it’s easier to find success when you have a solid wellness practice to take the place of the old, unhealthy habits.

Wellness Practices for Recovery

Wellness practices are some of the most important things you can do for yourself in recovery. The best type of wellness practices in recovery are those that aim to bring a more positive purpose to your life. A true wellness practice will help you find more satisfaction in work and more excitement in your leisure time. Fulfilling relationships, a healthier body, and all-around happiness are also possible with wellness.

Approach-Oriented Wellness Practices

This New Year, you may want to consider a brand-new wellness practice that you’ve never tried before. Like anything else in recovery, it’s crucial to find the modalities that work best for you.


If you’re ready to start fresh with a wellness practice at the beginning of the new year, journaling is an excellent place to begin. You may want to keep track of your wellness progress with a journal that you use each morning and evening. You can also use your journal to get thoughts out of your head and onto paper, where you can simply observe them. There is no right or wrong way to use a journal. Sometimes, the best thing is to simply put pen to paper and see what comes up!


The number one resolution on most people’s minds is also one of the most important: more exercise. A regular exercise routine can help regulate your nervous system, keep conditions like diabetes at bay, and boost your mood. It can even help with drug cravings and triggers.

Sometimes, the best way to begin a new exercise routine is to start slow. You may be able to easily commit to one day of exercise per week, for example. New habits are built over time, so you can start slow and build yourself up one step at a time.

Healthy Eating

Conditions like chronic substance abuse and mental health disorders can have a negative impact on healthy eating habits. However, creating a wellness practice that includes healthy eating is possible. This can be one of the most important choices you make in the new year.

Like exercise, it may be a good idea to “start small” when it comes to your new healthy eating habits. You may want to commit to 30 days of healthy breakfast each morning or simply add more fruits and vegetables into your diet. You can expand it from there and even keep track of your progress in a journal. Make sure to also celebrate every step in the right direction.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Even though many people focus on exercise and body health in the new year, practices for the mind are just as important. Meditation and mindfulness can consist of a number of different practices that help you focus your mind, stay in the present moment, and overcome external influences like triggers.

Just like anything else, you will get better at meditation and mindfulness the more you practice it. You may want to set aside a few minutes each morning to connect with your breath and check in with your body. Even five minutes of these practices each day can have amazing effects on your recovery.

Wellness Practices at The Guest House

Here at The Guest House, we put a strong emphasis on wellness through everything we do. Our cutting-edge program includes a wide variety of holistic therapies that will help you create healthier habits for lasting success. We offer therapies like meditation and conscious connected breathwork to help you find a sense of safety in the body and a more empowered sense of self. We also offer many different programs to help you create new habits that include more exercise, better eating, and overall wellness for your mind, body, and soul.

Strong Support

According to the 2020 study in PLOS One, people who received some kind of support with their New Year’s resolutions were “significantly more successful” compared to those who did not. Here at The Guest House, you will have around-the-clock support from staff and your peers. No matter what you come here to heal, The Guest House will provide you with the strong support you need. Here, you can find lasting success in your journey of wellness and recovery.

The New Year is a time to make resolutions, new goals, and routines. While many people focus on better health during this time, it’s even more important for those in recovery to create new wellness practices. At The Guest House, we offer cutting-edge therapies that will help you create overall wellness for your mind, body, and soul. Our holistic modalities, like meditation, can help you find safety in the body and reconnect with yourself. Tried-and-true talk therapies in group and individual settings can help you create a new wellness routine and give you the support you need to actually stick with it. The Guest House will help you find lasting success for wellness and recovery. Call us at (855) 483-7800.