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What Are Some Threats to Our Sobriety?

When we’ve done the hard work to get sober and are doing our best to maintain our sobriety, there are some things that can prove challenging for us, that threaten to derail our progress and knock us off course. Many of us are very afraid of relapsing, and having some more information around what kinds of things can threaten our sobriety can help us prepare for them and successfully keep ourselves sober. We can develop more insight and understanding around the things that might be most threatening to our sobriety in order to increase our chances of success. What are some of these threats to our sobriety?

Emotional Challenges

Many of us are struggling not only with addiction but also mental and emotional health issues. We are living with depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses, many of which we have yet to address. If we haven’t done the work to heal from our traumas and resolve the underlying issues fueling our addictions, we’ll only be able to maintain our sobriety for so long. We want to supplement our sobriety or abstinence work with deep inner personal work, including therapy, energy healing, spiritual practice and/or self-care, whatever brings us more peace, calm and healing as we’re working to keep ourselves sober. If we don’t do the work to connect with ourselves and become more in tune with our inner selves, we won’t be able to heal the emotional factors perpetuating our addictions. Anything that comes up for us that makes us sad, angry or afraid could easily trigger us to relapse.

Logistical Challenges

As we know, our addictions can completely overtake our lives and leave us dealing with intense financial challenges, difficulties with our living situations, and other logistical problems. When we’re coming out of treatment, we might not know where we’re going to live or what our next step will be. We might have lost our job. We might have blown through our savings and spent them all on our drug of choice. Chances are we’re living with a great deal of stress around these unresolved issues, afraid we’re going to run out of money or lose our homes. Some of us are forced to deal with homelessness on top of all of our other mental, emotional and other health issues. When we’re dealing with this kind of instability, the temptation to escape our difficulties with our drug of choice naturally worsens. As we’re working to keep ourselves sober, we want to take advantage of all the resources and connections available to us in order to keep ourselves well, stable and grounded, in all areas of our lives.

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