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What Can I Expect From Group Therapy?

Group therapy can be an excellent option for many people. However, this form of therapy can make some people hesitant. The idea of being in a group setting and sharing personal information often scares people. Know that you are not alone in these worries. However, you may find that group therapy comes with many benefits. Here are a few simple benefits you may experience from group therapy.

Practice Confidentiality

Even though you will be in a group of people, confidentiality is still maintained. It is expected that every person of the group practices confidentiality, respects each other’s privacy, and will not reveal any information that is shared during therapy sessions.

Experience Group Support

You will receive support not only from your therapist but also from the entire group. Group therapy can help you make connections with people experiencing similar situations. Use that time to receive all of the support around you. Feeling supported positively impacts your confidence, motivation, and overall well-being.

Promote Social Skills

Do you struggle with socializing? What about talking with people you don’t know well? Do you easily connect with others? Group therapy will help you learn these skills and get better at any areas you struggle with.

Your therapist will want to learn more about your specific struggles and those of your group members. They will then create activities and conversations to focus on those struggles and begin to learn new skills and tools. Group therapy sessions offer you a safe place to try out new behaviors.

Make Connections

Group therapy will help you connect with other people in similar situations. Many people who struggle with their mental health or addiction find themselves struggling to connect with new people or make new friends. Let group therapy help you to work through those fears. What is it you struggle with? Fear of judgment? Or do you struggle with fear of rejection? Meeting new people can be challenging. Let your group support and help you to overcome these fears.

Group therapy can be a highly effective and beneficial form of therapy. However, it is natural to feel nervous before trying a new form of therapy. In group therapy, you can expect everyone to be highly supportive and practice confidentiality. Group therapy can also help you form new friendships and practice your social skills. Here at The Guest House, we offer many different forms of therapy. We are ready to help you determine which therapy style may be right for you. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about treatment options.