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What Does Healing Have to do With Manifestation?

Conscious manifestation is the process of defining our intentions, our goals and the desires we have for our lives and then working to implement them. When we start to see that we have the power to manifest anything we want for ourselves, we realize just how much power we have to actually turn our lives around. We realize that we can finally achieve the fulfillment and inner peace that we’ve been struggling to attain for so long, that we felt were out of our reach and impossible for us to experience. We don’t always understand the role our addictions have in our lives, how much they impact everything we do and everything we’re able to accomplish. Sometimes we compartmentalize the different areas of our lives, and we see our addictions and our recovery as a being separate from everything else. As we work to heal, we see just how interconnected our illnesses are with the rest of our lives, and we realize that in order to manifest the lives we want for ourselves, we must incorporate our healing process as an important component of manifestation. What does healing have to do with manifestation?

We are always manifesting, every single day, often without being conscious of it. Because we’re filled with the toxicity, negativity and turmoil of addiction, because we’re so self-hating and self-destructive, what we end up manifesting tends to be the opposite of what we actually want for ourselves. We create more problems for ourselves, more issues to resolve, more pain to have to heal from. We want to get to the point where we are able to manifest exactly what we do want for ourselves. We want to attract and create the happiness, peace, fulfillment and redemption that have eluded us for so long while we’ve struggled with addiction and mental illness. Healing has everything to do with manifestation. In order to be able to cultivate our desires and then create a point of attraction that can make those desires a reality, we have to clear the toxic energy and the subconscious beliefs that are limiting us, holding us back and hurting us. We have to stop feeding the energy that is causing us to create circumstances, and lives, that cause us pain, that we’re ashamed of, regretful about, and unhappy with. In order to consciously manifest joy, peace and success, we have to believe we’re deserving of them. We have to believe we’re worthy. We have to learn how to love ourselves and actively work towards healing.

Healing our fears and clearing our energetic blocks are the basis of conscious manifestation. Without them, we will continue to manifest more struggle, more lack, more dissatisfaction, and more woundedness.

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