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There are few things worse than a “ruined” vacation. Having a PTSD episode while on vacation doesn’t mean your vacation is ruined. Here are three quick tips for managing PTSD while exploring the world.

Make A Phone Call

Being far away from home feels as isolating if not more than the experience of PTSD does when you are on vacation. Without knowing a friend is nearby, you may feel like you have nowhere to turn for support. Thanks to technology, our friends and their comforting faces are never too far away. Phone a friend from cell phone, tablet, computer, or hotel, depending on what is available. In a PTSD emergency, a long distance call from a hotel is worth every penny. If possible, video chat with someone you trust who can help you process your episode and work through practices which help you find stable ground. Let your support system know what has happened, what you think triggered the episode, and what you need the most help with. Though they are far away, they can help you feel at ease, find local resources, and remember above all that you are loved.

Try A Phone Session With Your Therapist

Many therapist’s will offer phone sessions with their clients who are recovering from PTSD. Too often, people believe that they can take a vacation from their recovery and skip out on weeks of therapy, recovery support meetings, and the other components of a comprehensive recovery plan which help them heal. Before leaving on your vacation, schedule regular and check-in sessions with your therapist. Make the time in your itinerary to be somewhere with cell signal that is quiet and private so you can have a productive and effective session. Your therapist may want you to check in via text every few days as well or have short check-in sessions to help you manage your particular manifestations of trauma.

Don’t Let Self-Care Take Vacation

Vacation is all about indulging in yourself and doing every little thing possible to soothe your soul, renew your spirit, and replenish your energy resources. It isn’t uncommon for people to mistake vacation activities for self-care because taking a vacation feels like self-care. Through treatment, you learned the specific ways you manage your PTSD best and feel taken care of. Exercise, mindfulness, meditation, coloring book therapy, reading, yoga, running- whatever it is you need to feel connected and stay grounded, make that part of your vacation experience as well. After a PTSD episode, make sure to return to your self-care routine as closely as possible.

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