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Happiness starts with an attitude of gratitude!

Happiness has many definitions, but the general description is feelings of contentment, joy, fulfillment, positive emotions, and satisfaction with your life. Happiness is not the same for everyone, and happiness comes easier to some people than others. Psychologists do not use the word “happy”; they use the title of “subjective well-being” when referring to happy feelings and how you feel about your life.

What Are the Components of Subjective Well-being?

The first component is the balance of emotions you feel; everyone feels both positive and negative emotions. If you consider yourself happy, you might experience far more positive emotions and exhibit more resilience.

The second component is how satisfied you feel with the areas of your life, which include relationships, jobs, and any other thing you feel is important.

Is “Happiness” Different for Different People?

The actual perception or interpretation of “happiness” is different for everyone because the areas of life that are important to you are different.

What Are Typical Signs of Happiness?

  • You feel like you are living the life you want
  • You are content with the conditions you live in
  • You are content with your past accomplishments and feel confident you will achieve your future accomplishments
  • You feel more positive emotions than negative
  • You have an overall sense of satisfaction
  • You have an overall sense of optimism and resilience

How Does Being Happy Benefit Us?

  • Better overall physical and emotional health
  • Feelings of overall positivity
  • If you are generally positive you might take better care of yourself mentally and physically
  • If you are generally positive you might sleep better, and good sleep habits mean better health
  • A happier mental state will increase immunity and contribute to better health

How Can a Person Create More Happiness in Their Life?

  • Attitude of gratitude
  • Exercise and get out in nature
  • Consider a pet
  • Find purpose and, therefore, fulfillment
  • Find new things to learn about and have a passion about
  • Value positive things
  • Keep relationships positive
  • Peer support is invaluable

Happiness is not an end goal. Happiness is something that has to be worked on every day, and The Guest House can help. Our programs will help you focus on creating goals and working towards them to create fulfillment and harmony in your life. Our conventional and holistic approach to care ensures that your individual needs are met. It also helps bring balance to your life. To find out more about our programs, contact us today by calling (855) 483-7800