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An attitude of gratitude fosters happiness

The word gratitude means to be grateful. It also means appreciating things in your life, being thankful, and recognizing all the positive things. Where and if you find gratitude depends on what your thinking habits are.

How Does Gratitude Improve Health and Wellbeing?

  • Gratitude creates happiness
  • Remembering to be mindfully grateful improves your well-being by improving self-esteem
  • Gratitude reduces feelings of “envy” and “want”
  • Gratitude keeps you positive
  • Gratitude makes you give more, which attracts more reasons to be grateful 

What Habits Do People Share Who Have an “Attitude of Gratitude?”

If you practice gratitude, you will develop a positive outlook. Having a positive outlook leads to:

  • Selflessness
  • Kindness
  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Mindfulness

How Can I Develop Gratitude?

  • Do not focus on what you want; focus on what you already have
  • Being grateful intentionally expands your brain to bypass negative emotional states because being positive feels better
  • Intentionally holding onto gratitude makes your thoughts more optimistic
  • Intentionally being grateful programs your brain to hold on to positive thoughts rather than negative memories
  • Intentionally being grateful causes you to let go of selfish thinking

Why Is Gratitude Important?

  • Gratitude trains your mind to be resilient
  • Gratitude increases the hours of your sleep, thereby increasing your overall positive physical health
  • Gratitude causes you to be humble 
  • Gratitude causes you to appreciate the good in things, which attracts more good things
  • Gratitude turns all that you have into abundance

How Can the Benefits of Gratitude Change Your Life?

  • Gratitude and saying “thank you” to others will create and deepen friendships
  • Being thankful improves your mental and physical health and, in turn, increases your self-esteem
  • Gratitude expands your feelings of optimism and happiness, which attracts even more positivity
  • When you are more grateful than others, you make more empathetic and compassionate decisions
  • When you are grateful, you are able to find more purpose and hope in your life

We attract what we send out into the world. At The Guest House, we will work with you to help you develop an “attitude of gratitude” through CBT, mindfulness, and other holistic practices. Doing so will help you view the world from an optimistic perspective. Gratitude will improve your mental strength, which will help you create better coping skills when challenges arise. If you remain grateful, you are less likely to be envious or compare situations. If you want help developing an “attitude of gratitude,” call The Guest House today at (855) 483-7800.