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What Phone Apps Can Help With Anxiety and Depression?

Technology has revolutionized the mental health sphere. People all around the world can connect with a community of people who understand them. This creates a global support system. Additionally, resources are right at people’s fingertips. Individuals can find treatment centers that meet their needs. Moreover, they can find phone apps that offer psychologically based, self-help tools for anxiety and depression.

Difficulties Regulating Phone Apps

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a few mental health apps for use with a prescription. Even still, these phone apps are largely unregulated and untested. As such, it’s challenging to know which phone apps are credible and helpful. The expert team at the nonprofit One Mind PsyberGuide rated these aspects of the most common mental health apps to help people ensure they’re making educated decisions about the apps they’re engaging with.

Good Phone Apps for Anxiety and Depression

According to One Mind PsyberGuide, the following are credible mental health apps that help with anxiety and depression.


For people with depression and anxiety, Calm allows people to practice mindfulness. It offers music tracks with soothing pictures, guided meditations, and sleep stories. With a subscription, a person can customize the app and track their meditations. Engaging in mindful meditations can help calm anxious and depressive thoughts.


In the MindShift app, a person can learn about common anxiety triggers and types. It uses cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to help people through anxiety. Mindfulness activities help a person relax. Additionally, a person can create coping plans for different circumstances.


MoodMission helps with anxiety, depression, and stress. Its whole interface is based on CBT. Depending on how a person feels, the phone app gives them five activities catered to their current state. These “missions” can include behaviors, exercises, thought processes, or emotion activities. A person chooses a mission to complete. Afterward, they rate the symptoms. They can track their moods and achievements over time.


With SuperBetter, a person can turn depression and anxiety recovery into a superhero game. They get to choose problem behaviors as bad guys to fight. By completing self-care and emotional well-being activities, they complete quests. Also, they can add accountability by adding friends as allies.

When going through treatment, you may find that multiple approaches provide positive outcomes. Therapy offers you an opportunity to work through your emotions and thoughts with a professional. Credible mental health apps used in conjunction with therapy can enhance the outcomes. By practicing self-care and mindfulness with apps, you may feel more empowered in your mental health journey. At The Guest House, we understand that everyone’s journey looks different. We encourage our clients to find the approaches that work for them. With our treatment programs, you can find your path to recovery. Call us at (855) 483-7800.