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When We Can’t Stop Our Drug Use On Our Own

Many of us living with addiction have created enormous undue pressure for ourselves by having this unrealistic expectation that we should be able to quit alcohol and/or drug use on our own, without help or professional treatment. While some people are able to get clean or sober on their own, many of us simply aren’t able to, and not for lack of trying. This doesn’t mean we’re inadequate or shameful. It doesn’t mean we should be embarrassed or disappointed in ourselves. We shouldn’t feel as though we have to keep our many attempts at getting clean, and even our relapses, a secret. We shouldn’t allow avoidance and secrecy to compound our existing issues, and we shouldn’t allow ourselves to continue to bury and suppress the pain that has been festering within us and contributing to our addictive patterns and mental illnesses. There are many reasons why we might not be able to stop our drug use on our own, and our self-judgment and feelings of perceived inadequacy are actually making it harder for us to quit and to get the help and support we need.

When we’re unable to quit on our own, it’s often because we have yet to learn valuable techniques and coping skills to help us manage the mental and emotional pressures of recovery, the addictive urges, and temptation, the different complicated emotions that come with the isolation and disconnection of addiction. We have yet to learn important lessons we’re meant to learn. We have yet to connect with the people and resources we’re meant to connect with. We have yet to pass the spiritual tests intended for us. This is all part of our growth, and we can choose to have faith that everything is unfolding precisely as it’s meant to. When we find that we can’t quit on our own, there are often key reasons why we haven’t been able to reach our goals yet. We have yet to find certain sources of motivation and inspiration that we will find useful and meaningful in our recovery. We have yet to uncover the deeply rooted sources of pain that have been fueling our self-destructive, self-harming cycles. We have yet to come to terms with ourselves and our addictions in the most genuine, honest, openhearted way possible.

All of it our experiences are part of our evolution and our expansion, and not something to be ashamed of. There is no deadline for getting well. We recover on our own time. There is no competition when it comes to healing. We all reach out goals as we’re meant to when we’re meant to, and we’re each on a unique path of learning and empowerment as we strive to heal ourselves.

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