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Which Level of Treatment Is Right for Me?

Substance addiction is more than dependence on a chemical. People who know someone or have a substance use disorder (SUD) themselves understand the complexities of alcohol or drug addiction. When a person decides to start a treatment program, a counselor conducts an assessment to determine what level of care is needed.

What if I Don’t Want to Leave Home?

There are options in addiction treatment. You can attend group and individual sessions during the day and go home at night. However, you may need to enter an inpatient program. Inpatient programs mean you stay at the treatment center for an extended period of time. You won’t know what option is available for your care until you speak to a professional about your situation.

Since no one is the same, the level of care you require for your mental and physical well-being isn’t determined by looking at or listening to you explain your SUD. Instead, you need to take steps before the level of care is decided. First, a series of questions administered by a counselor or therapist at your addiction treatment center determines the severity of your SUD. Then, once the therapist completes the assessment, a level of care is decided.

You can talk to your therapist about your reluctance to leave home for an extended period, but keep in mind your well-being relies on the appropriate treatment. Also, you may not begin treatment immediately. For instance, you will be admitted to a detox center if you require detoxification before starting addiction treatment. Once you complete detox, your treatment providers will take the steps necessary to transition you into the correct level of care.

What Happens After My Level of Care Is Determined?

The continuum of care includes four levels of treatment and an intervention level. The continuum will identify the care needed for your addiction. Because the continuum is adjustable to your needs, you can go up or down in the level of care you require.

For instance, if you start at the intensive outpatient (IOP) level but find maintaining your sobriety is difficult, your therapist can recommend you go up a level of care to inpatient treatment. Conversely, if you start at the inpatient level and are doing well, your therapist may discuss decreasing your level of care to an IOP program.

When Do I Finish Treatment?

Addiction is a chronic disease, meaning it will be with you for the rest of your life – treatment never ends. What changes is the level of care you receive. You can start at the inpatient or IOP level and transition until you reach the recovery level. While you’re in recovery, you can attend individual and group sessions at your treatment center. Or, if you don’t live close, try attending outside group meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. Treatment is a commitment to your well-being.

The decision to enter a substance addiction program is scary, and the first step is the hardest. You can start the treatment process with a phone call to a treatment center to determine the care you need. The Guest House makes starting treatment easy. First, call us for a phone interview. After you finish the assessment, the counselor can recommend the appropriate level of care for your needs. We welcome all your questions and hope to make treatment with us a healing experience. For more information about services or the estate located near Ocala, Florida, call (855) 483-7800.