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I didn’t know that was trauma.I didn’t know I was traumatized.

I didn’t know trauma could affect you.

I didn’t know there was treatment for trauma.

I didn’t know I needed treatment for trauma.

I didn’t know treatment for trauma would help.

I didn’t know I could live without trauma running my life.

I didn’t know I could be free.

These lines have been spoken by millions of trauma survivors around the world from the beginning of their recovery journey in treatment to the end of treatment. Such quips of innocence poignantly highlight an important fact: the foundation of awareness. Without knowing, we can’t know. No area of our lives give us a textbook or life lesson in the area of trauma. Simply, yet at once paradoxically, we can’t know until we know. Once we do know, however, in the very second something enters our awareness, we can’t un-know it, though we may live in denial of it. The moment we know something in our life needs to change, it starts changing. The moment we know something in our life needs to heal, it starts healing. The moment we start walking through our trauma, we are one step closer to breaking through the other side.

Since trauma and the many symptoms of trauma are highly stigmatized and shamed in mainstream narratives, people are not inspired to seek out solutions for their problems being caused by trauma. Instead, they are lead to believe that they are the problem and that they, as problems, cannot be solved. Thus, few are enlightened to the necessity of taking time to seek trauma therapy.

Taking time for yourself is important, perhaps one of the most important things you can do with the precious time of your precious life. For once in your life, you have to put yourself first, your needs first, and your deep, desperate need to heal, first before others.

Self-care is a way of living which pays careful attention to our specific wants and needs which are formed by our unique experiences in life. We can take distinct time for self-care to do certain self-care activities. Overarching, self-care is a way we live being trauma informed, trauma sensitive, and trauma aware. Going through trauma treatment and therapy helps us to cultivate compassion for ourselves and for others. We realize that we are not the only ones who are suffering in the world and that everyone is in need of the reminder that they deserve to heal, too.

The Guest House Ocala specializes in the treatment of trauma, addictions, and related mental health issues like anxiety. Everyone has a story. If you are living with unmanageable anxiety as a result of trauma it is critical for you to know, you are not alone. Help is available. You can and you will recover. Call us today for information on our custom plans of treatment and our private luxury care: 1-855-483-7800