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Can Natural Remedies Help Me?

When we’re working to figure out how best to treat our mental health issues, along with our addictions, sometimes we’ll want natural alternatives to medication, or we’ll want to bolster the effectiveness of our medications with natural remedies. Many people find that their minds and bodies respond better to natural solutions and that their healing is more holistic, more thorough and more profound because the approach was via natural resources. Can natural remedies help you?

There are countless natural remedies, exercises and practices to try. One of the best things we can do for our feelings of depression, and all of the dissatisfaction and disappointment that come with them, is start a regular gratitude practice. Focusing on the things we’re grateful for, both big and small, in our daily lives, in the world and within ourselves, helps remind us just how blessed and fortunate we really are. Gratitude helps rewire our brains to think more positively and to think in terms of abundance rather than scarcity. We start to see the silver linings in difficult situations much more easily. We pick up on the lessons in the obstacles, and we discover the spiritual tests in our challenges. We learn and grow exponentially, and something as simple as listing what we’re grateful for every day can be a powerful gateway to our expansion.

Breathing exercises and meditation can help us cope with the anxiety we feel in our daily lives, surrounding our many complicated life issues, and pertaining to our addictions. Exercising and spending time in nature help us combat our depression and work through our addictive patterns. Writing and other forms of creative self-expression are therapeutic, serve as a healthy form of release, and help us process the many layers of pain and fear we’ve accumulated over the years. Laughter, with friends or with a fun movie, provides us with a healthy form of distraction and escape from our difficult thoughts and emotions, as opposed to the unhealthy escapism, avoidance and distraction of our addictions. Energy healing such as reiki and tapping help us to transform ourselves energetically, enabling healing to take place at the root level.

Natural remedies and practices can offer powerful solutions to our persistent problems and recurring issues. Experiment with different ones until you find what most resonates with you, that you feel will aid you in your healing journey.

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