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Signs of Addiction

It takes many of us a long time to become fully aware of our addictions. For years we’re in denial about just how acute our problem has become. Some of us aren’t even aware when we do have a problem. If you think you might be struggling with an addiction, whether it’s to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, gaming or any other addictive substance or behavior, there are some clear signs that can help you determine if addiction has become a problem for you.

One clear sign of addiction for many of us is our dependence on the substance or behavior in question. Using alcohol as an example, when we’re addicted, we don’t just want to drink, we feel like we need to drink. We need it to cope with our daily lives, handle emotional difficulties and navigate life challenges. We feel as though we can’t live without it. When someone tries to take it away from us, a concerned love one for example, we become angry and reactive, volatile, and sometimes even hostile and violent. We can’t stand the thought of being without it.

Another sign of addiction is our many failed attempts to quit. We tell ourselves repeatedly that we need to get sober, in order to keep our job or our house, or in order to not lose custody of our children, but even facing these devastating consequences, we still feel unable to quit. We don’t feel as though we have any control over our use and our dependence.  We’re unable to drink in moderation, as casual drinkers would, for example. We’re unable to stop ourselves from making destructive choices that we later regret. Along with our attempts to quit come the mental and emotional after-effects – we’re filled with sadness, guilt and shame, regret and remorse. We apologize to the people we’ve hurt. We hate ourselves for what we’re doing. We cry, we pray, we beg our higher power to make it all stop. We might be able to abstain for awhile, but then we fall right back into our recurring cycles of pain and self-sabotage. We feel powerless, and we relapse, and the cycles continue.

Becoming familiar with some of the signs of addiction can help us to establish whether or not we have a problem. Chances are, if we feel as though we have a problem, we probably do, and we owe it to ourselves to get help.

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