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Many people experience stress during the holiday season. All different kinds of stresses can arise during the holidays, from trauma to seasonal depression, eating disorders to addiction, financial matters to social status. In 2008 the American Psychological Association conducted a poll on holiday stress and found that 80% of Americans, that is 8 out of every 10 in the poll predicted stress during the holiday season. Much of that stress is associated with finances, which can come from worrying about paying for life essentials while planning for holiday expenditures.

The cost of the holidays is not always financial. Trauma survivors have an especially hard time during the holidays for a variety of reasons. Anyone who has the ability to experience stress, which is most people, can experience stress during the holidays. You are not alone. Everyone is experiencing some kind of stress. If they are not, they have simply learned how to manage their stress effectively.

Stress is something that everyone experiences because it is part of the human body, therefore the human experience. We experience stress as a result of the fight or flight system inherent in our bodily system. The amygdala in the brain sends out signals of anticipated threat which activates physical responses, namely in the form of cortisol and adrenaline, also called stress hormones. We developed stress as a response to living in a predatory world. Our ancient ancestors did not have the technology or information we have today. The body and brain created the stress response system in order to act on intuition and anticipation. Once a threat was imminent, the body would be well prepared to take action in order to survive.

We often use the word “survival” when we talk about the holidays. The reason so many people experience stress is because they are experiencing a need for survival. Vice Versa, so many people feel like they are trying to survive the holidays because they are so stressed.

Combatting Holiday Stress

Realize that the holiday season only comes once a year and lasts just a few short weeks, compared to the many other weeks of the year which don’t come with the same stress. Take time to take care of yourself in the way that you need, but continue to prioritize and take care of what is required of you. Seek support from others and offer support to others because everyone is in the same boat. Practice gratitude daily and be kind toward others wherever possible.

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