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An Endless Quest: Looking For Yourself In Places Where You Are Not

It’s the itch which can never be scratched, the void which can never be filled, the emptiness which can never be resolved, and the pain which never seems to heal. Trauma is like a quantum eraser. A part of our lives, moreover, a part of ourselves, is taken from us. Until we can work with a trauma therapist or attend treatment at a trauma-focused program, we cannot heal our trauma. More importantly, it isn’t until we realize trauma is the core of our issues and that trauma is what needs to be healed in order for us to heal, that healing can take place.

Trauma manifests in millions of ways, unique to every individual. Eating disorders, ADHD, mood disorders, personality disorders, addictions, behavioral addictions, and more, can all arise from trauma. Each of these issues is the end result of a piece of life being taken away and compensated for. However problematic, these behaviors and coping mechanisms serve a purpose in desperately trying to fill, or desperately trying to ignore the need to fill, what feels like a never ending void left behind by trauma.

Whether our trauma is covert or outspoken, being trauma survivors primes us to look for comfort in all the wrong places. It is said that “everywhere you go, there you are.” Yet, for survivors of trauma, the opposite seems to be true. Many who have survived trauma and live with one or more variations of a trauma manifestation feel that everywhere they go, a part of them isn’t there. Rather, a part of them is somewhere else, perhaps even on a different plane of existence all together. People tend to avoid the sentiment, wanting to be somewhere else in addition to where they are at one time. People surviving or recovering from trauma wish they could just feel whole in one place at one time. Being exactly where they are would be a luxury instead of feeling trapped by a traumatic past or fearing the threat of a traumatic future.

The quest of fulfilling the void left by trauma is indeed endless when that quest doesn’t lead to treatment and recovery. While you can never replace what has happened to you, you can resolve and heal it. You don’t have to keep searching to find yourself once you start looking in all the right places- starting with you, starting with The Guest House.

At The Guest House Ocala, we welcome everyone who has experienced trauma and, as a result, is suffering from addictions, mental health disorders, or other manifestations. Our programs are custom tailored to the specific experiences and needs of each client. Everyone has a story. Change yours today. Call us at Call 1-855-483-7800.