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"Art Therapy" how does it help? Why does it help?

Sometimes emotions can be very difficult to process and cause anxiety. Art therapy is an approach to recovery that allows one’s needs to be met through creative activity. People find art therapy to be relaxing while dealing with complex issues in their treatment.

Learning a new creative activity is also a life skill that can be carried forward as a healthy activity and a new way to express oneself. Art therapy is a treatment technique that allows creative expression to help heal the mind and emotions.

In What Way Does Art Therapy Benefit People?

  • It can help people process difficult conflicts
  • It can help build healthy self-esteem
  • It encourages people to become self-aware
  • It reduces anxiety
  • Used in group sessions, it fosters friendships and social skills

What Is the Primary Goal of Art Therapy?

The primary goal of art therapy is to help people learn life skills that will help them restore their life in recovery. It is a way for people with painful memories and experiences to explore their trauma in another way, rather than directly confronting it. Art therapy can help an individual release fear or stress in a safe environment. By having control over their art, people feel a sense of control in their life.

Is Art Therapy an Art Class?

Art therapy is not an art class. Art classes teach technique and how to do art; art therapy is an expression of emotions with no technique involved. Art therapy gives people a way to express and heal their difficult inner emotions through their creations. 

Is Art Therapy for You?

Art therapy is not about art; it is about releasing feelings. While some people may resist art therapy for fear of lack of ability, having art around is therapeutic and helps people relax. Participating in art therapy is voluntary and gives someone a new outlet to release painful memories or fears. It also may give someone a new healthy activity to carry forward into their recovery.

Anybody can benefit from art therapy. At The Guest House, we utilize art therapy with age-appropriate activities to help individuals process difficult emotions. During these sessions, trauma is significantly reduced and released in a non-threatening and safe way. Once you create something that allows you to release your negative emotions, the art therapist can then help you put those emotions into words. If you would like to explore art therapy and other integrative techniques, call The Guest House today at (855) 483-7800.