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What Are 5 Ways to Beat Boredom?

Being able to find healthy, reliable ways to beat boredom is extremely important when it comes to your recovery. If you find yourself with too much time on your hands, this makes it all the more tempting to engage in substance use. Below are five ways you can try to beat boredom.

#1. Get Active

Getting active does not have to mean going to the gym and enduring long bouts of repetitive movements. Instead, getting active can be catered to your interests. Perhaps you enjoy yoga, dancing, or martial arts. In this case, you could attend classes such as:

  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Vinyasa
  • Tai chi
  • Hatha
  • Karate
  • Kung fu

You can also be more active simply by going on walks in beautiful nature sites. Doing so can help you stay present by focusing on the beauty all around you.

#2. Find a Creative Outlet

A creative outlet can be a great way to pass the time and process your thoughts and feelings. You can try dabbling in various art forms, including:

  • Painting
  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Singing
  • Playing an instrument
  • Dancing

Finding what works for you can take time, but remember not to limit yourself. You can draw and paint on the same project, or you can paint one day and dance another day. With creative endeavors, be sure to do whatever makes you feel free and alive.

#3. Join a Book Club

Reading is always a healthy, fun activity. Reading helps you to learn more about the English language while also being able to escape the world for a little while.

Try finding a book club in your area. A book club can help you really dive into books and meet people who also enjoy reading. It can be a fun way to pass the time.

#4. Spend Time With Loved Ones

Whether it be friends or family members, spending time with others who you love and care about can help you mitigate intense feelings of boredom. By listening to their experiences and life situations, you can empathize with them and get away from your issues for a while. They can also support you as you go through your recovery journey.

#5. Cook or Bake Something Fun

The process of baking or cooking is incredibly grounding. It is also fun to create something delicious that you get to eat afterward. This is a great way to mitigate boredom because it involves so many steps. This includes:

  • Picking out a recipe
  • Buying the ingredients
  • Cooking the meal or baked good
  • Consuming the product

Boredom is a dangerous feeling that can compromise your sobriety. To ensure that you remain sober, you must find healthy ways to beat boredom. Five ways to do this include getting active, finding a creative outlet, joining a book club, spending time with loved ones, and cooking or baking. If you find that feelings of boredom are becoming especially troubling for you, reach out to The Guest House. Our trained staff members can help you process your thoughts and feelings and find ways to combat boredom. Call us today at (855) 483-7800.