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Social media plays a very large role in our society. Almost everyone has a profile on one platform or another. Most of us are on multiple social media platforms and use them multiple times a day. There can be many benefits of social media. It can be a way to connect with others, especially those who may live far away. It can create an outlet for expression, help form friendships, or be a place to join groups or clubs. However, as with most technological advancements, the benefits also come with drawbacks. For some people, using social media can be addictive and result in a social media addiction. With many people using social media on a regular basis, social media addiction is becoming more and more common. Here are a few general signs to help you determine if you may be forming a social media addiction. 

Feeling Anger, Anxiety, or Agitation If You Cannot Check Your Account(s)

Not being able to check your social media is typically not a life or death situation, but it can feel that way for people who are addicted to social media. They may become angry, anxious, or agitated if they aren’t able to check their accounts for new notifications or make a new post or status update, even if it’s just for a small period of time. These reactions are often disproportionate to the circumstance. Some people can experience irritability or anxiety at the thought that they may be missing out on what’s happening when they are not able to check their accounts frequently. 

Stopping Conversations or Actions to Check Social Media

You may start to wonder if you have a social media addiction if you stop what you are doing solely to check your account(s). You may be in the middle of a conversation or about to start a load of laundry when you suddenly get distracted and start scrolling through your feed. This can consume time, energy, and detract from real face to face friendships and interactions. 

There can be many benefits to using social media. It can connect us to others, help us to form friendships, and give us an outlet to express ourselves. For some people, however, social media use can become addictive. You may notice anger or anxiety if you cannot log in and check your account(s). You may pause activities solely to check updates. You may not even fully understand your feelings or actions toward your use. Here at The Guest House, we are ready to help you better understand what you are feeling. Call us today to learn more about all of our different treatment options at (855) 483-7800.