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Social Media

As the world came to a stop with all the country’s lockdowns experienced in the first quarter of 2020, the best way to communicate became digital. The saving grace that people around the world were able to connect online kept things like recovery meetings going through screen time. Even though the means of interacting with others changed and was a blessing, there is still a downside to only having a digital presence that can cause anxiety. Instead of having regular social interfacing, seeing someone through social media can cause significant anxiety to cope with substance abuse. 


Avoid Comparison

Social media has become synonymous with measuring yourself against someone else. Seeing the happiest aspects of someone’s life can be deceiving as to what is really happening behind the scene. No one’s life is without trials and tribulations. You probably will not see the disagreements or the mishaps posted online. All you will see is what they want you to see, not what their life entails in its entirety. If social media is all a person has to go off of with their friends or followers, they may allow comparison to steal the joy in their own life. Be who you are instead of trying to be like others. You can never go wrong with being the person you were meant to be, particularly now that you are staying sober in your recovery.


Avoid FOMO

Seeing other people going on vacations, seeing them at Disney World, or seeing them spend their entire summer at the beach can cause fear of missing out (FOMO) and can generate intense anxiety. An individual who wonders why they have all work and no play could produce anxiety. Doom and gloom could set in and cause problems with productivity, depression, and constantly feeling stressed out. Especially if drugs and alcohol are in the picture, a person could definitely let their FOMO lead them back to relapse. The best thing someone experiencing social neglect can do is make sure that they add exercise, social engagements, and service work to their life to make it more fulfilling. 


Avoid Animosity 

Try to stay away from posts that show violence, hate, or offensive content. A person scrolling through posts may just be curious, but the negative images and words will remain with them in some capacity of feeling sad or overwhelmed. Collectively, animosity can cause anxiety to rise with every adverse post. Who an individual surrounds themself with reflects who they could become. Anyone on social media should choose wisely what and who they let into their feed and their headspace so that they can continue to stay positive and principled in their recovery program.

Anxiety is already running rampant due to the state of the nation. Social media may be for entertainment purposes, but often ends up adding an extra layer of anxiety due to online trolls. Avoiding what makes a person anxious will actually allow them to become more social without the media.     


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