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What Is Sound Healing?

In recent years, sound healing has become a common form of treatment. Rooted in Eastern healing techniques, this tool can be used to help people overcome addiction, trauma, anxiety, and many other conditions. Western Healing vs. Eastern Healing Techniques According to a 2020 study in Integrative Medicine (Encinitas), “Western medicine techniques often involve pharmacological andRead More

Why Do People With Anxiety Re-Watch TV Shows?

Among people with anxiety, it’s a common phenomenon to continually watch the same TV shows, podcasts, and movies. Though this is a well-known part of having anxiety, many people don’t know why it occurs. Someone with anxiety might describe it as comforting, familiar, or easy. In this blog, we’ll discuss the psychological reasons behind peopleRead More

What Is the Difference Between Nervousness and Anxiety?

Nervousness is often conflated with anxiety. Though these two concepts overlap, they aren’t the same. For starters, nervousness is an emotion; anxiety is the term for a category of mental health disorders characterized by excessive worry and nervousness. Emotions are normal parts of life. The differences go much deeper than this, however. In this blog,Read More

How Do I Decrease Anxiety in Recovery?

Sometimes you hit a point in your life where anxiety overpowers all the positive thoughts and goals you have set for yourself. You know that there is a way out; however, you struggle with what direction to take next. It is common for people to experience anxiety and to feel like there is no wayRead More

The Dangers of Anorexia

Anorexia nervosa is a dangerous eating disorder that involves an unhealthy and self-destructive fear of gaining weight. An estimated 0.6% of people in the United States struggle with this disease, and its prevalence among men and women, adults and adolescents, is increasing. If left untreated, anorexia can lead to serious medical complications, including death. AnorexiaRead More

Is Kratom Harmful?

In recent years, the public has become aware of a product called kratom. This natural herb, native to Southeast Asia, can have both positive and negative effects on those who use it. For example, some people use it to ease anxiety or treat chronic pain. However, kratom can also be addictive if used too often.Read More

The Comorbidity of Depression and Substance Abuse

Anyone struggling with depression and substance abuse simultaneously needs compassionate help rather than judgmental criticism. Unfortunately, the negative stigma surrounding depression and substance abuse often means those with substance use disorder (SUD) are less likely to get the support they need. Furthermore, the general misunderstanding of how these two conditions interact makes it harder forRead More

Can Cooking Help People With Depression?

Depression is a difficult disorder to live and cope with. The disorder is also extremely common. Due to the unique nature of mental illness, your experience with depression will not be identical to anyone else’s. Overall, there are some consistent treatment options. One underexplored avenue of treatment is cooking. In this blog, we’ll explore theRead More

What Is the Relationship Between Insomnia and Generalized Anxiety?

It is quite common for those suffering from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) to also suffer from sleep deprivation. This causes many to ask the question, “am I not sleeping because I am anxious, or am I anxious because I am not sleeping?” The truth lies a little bit in both. Sleep deprivation and anxiety disordersRead More

Why Do People With Anxiety Turn to Horror Movies for Comfort?

Halloween was just last month, and for many people, this meant indulging in scary movies. Being scared (safely and healthily) is an often enjoyable and cathartic experience for many people. This can also be true for those suffering from anxiety. What many people do not know is that scary movies can also help to aidRead More