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Mastering Positive Change One Step at a Time

People who have gone through addiction treatment know that living sober requires many lifestyle changes across all areas of their lives. Unfortunately, lifestyle adjustments are not a sprint but a marathon. Positive change comes one step at a time; it requires patience, perseverance, and positivity. Though it can be challenging, making positive change one step at a time has significant long-term benefits.

Mastering the Mountains of Positivity

Many people hold to the idea that anyone can change if they put their mind to it and take their goals one step at a time. While this is generally true, positive change requires letting go of things that don’t serve you and implementing things that do, which takes insight and dedication.

Often, friends and family members don’t realize how long it takes to master changes in recovery and can get frustrated with a loved one. Similarly, alumni of addiction treatment programs may feel unprepared for how long it takes for positive change to really settle into their lives after treatment. Learning about who you used to be and who you’re striving to be can make a significant difference in your patience and how you tackle taking steps toward change.

The Work Begins After Treatment

In treatment, you may have been taught the basics of change and learned how to take small steps toward big results. However, after treatment ends, you must really put the work in. Though you hopefully have the support of your loved ones and other treatment alumni, it is ultimately up to you to determine the steps you need to take for positive change. As you work toward your goals one step at a time, you may find it not as lonely or challenging as you once thought, but your progress develops inner peace and more fulfilling life free from substances.

Living Life on Life’s Terms

Even as you make progress, be aware that there may be days where positivity and motivation are hard to come by. On these days, use a “fake it ‘til you make it” attitude. Though you may not always feel positive, acting so can often get you just as far as feeling so. As long as you’re continually taking steps, however small, toward positive change, the days when negativity takes over will become fewer and farther between.

Positivity in Your Aftercare Plan

Treatment gives you the tools to find positivity every day and equips you to chase positivity in the future. This lays the groundwork for lasting sobriety, but it’s ultimately up to you what you do with those tools as you move into your aftercare plan and life-long recovery. You must heed your emotional fluctuations and find that there is always room for change regardless of the situation.

If you feel stuck in a particular routine, you can always reach out to your support group to get you back on track. If you proactively take the right steps, the element of positivity in your life will grow to become your comfort zone and allow room for adjustment and changes over time. This ultimately leads to mastering taking steps toward positive change after leaving treatment. The journey of substance abuse recovery is a long and continual one, but with perseverance, it becomes second nature.

Inspiring Others

You can do so much in recovery. Positivity can make all the difference in your perceptions and the perceptions of others around you. Once you put step-by-step actions into developing positive change, you can inspire others to get the help they need to get on the same journey as you to sobriety.

Who to Talk to When You Need More Support

Just as you can be an encouragement to others, some days you will be the one who needs to be encouraged. When you need more support, who do you look to? As an alumnus, you know how important having the support of peers and loved ones are.

You’re never alone in your recovery journey; let your friends and family members be part of your aftercare plan to help remind you to remain positive and take change one step at a time. If you take the techniques learned in treatment and apply them in your aftercare plan, the level of positivity you can reinforce within yourself is astounding.

Recovery-supportive friends and family members are good first lines of defense when you need help. You can trust them to help you through or help you find the additional support you need to be successful in recovery. If you are part of a peer support group, that is also an excellent resource for days when you need encouragement or additional help.

If you’re really struggling, reach out to your treatment center. Though positivity can go a long way, there are times when it’s just not enough. When you need serious help in your aftercare and recovery plans, don’t hesitate to reach out to your treatment center to receive additional treatment, tools, or support.

At The Guest House, we know how substance use disorder can disrupt your ability to think positively and may change the way you react and respond to challenging situations. Staying optimistic about maintaining recovery progress and taking steps toward change is incredibly important for long-term sobriety. Our program offers follow-ups, meetings, transitions, and courses revolving around how to take steps toward positive changes. If you have graduated from our treatment program or struggle with substance use disorder and want to learn how to reinvent yourself, The Guest House can guide you in the right direction. Change can happen, and your happiness is right around the corner. If you’re struggling to stay positive or need help recognizing the steps to take toward positive change, reach out to us today. The Guest House can help you have a bright future and build your positivity. Call (855) 483-7800.