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Closing Old Chapters of Our Lives

As we’re working to recover, we learn that our recovery is a journey comprised of many different chapters, chapters of self-discovery and expansion, and chapters of releasing the past. We discover that there are some chapters we have to close in order to move forward. As hard as it can be to let go, we can’t bring the past into the future with us, with all of the hurt it contains. We have to make peace with our past, with where we’ve been, with who we were before so that we can grow and evolve into higher versions of ourselves. We have to close certain chapters if we want to be able to attain inner peace in our lives and truly be happy moving forward.

You Can’t Get Well in The Same Place You Got Sick

Old chapters we might need to close may be jobs that we feel have held us back, work that left us feeling unfulfilled and unhappy, that didn’t allow us to live out our true potential. When we feel stifled by our work, it can be that much harder to get sober because we have a constant reminder of our unhappiness, and a daily push to turn to our drugs of choice to escape the monotony and boredom we feel. When we’re getting sober, we realize that there are multiple facets to our recovery, our sense of fulfillment being a major one. The more fulfilled we are in the work we’re doing, the stronger and more empowered we are to stay sober. We have a reason to keep ourselves on track and a source of motivation for our sobriety. There often comes a point when we feel we have to close the chapter on the work we were doing that didn’t satisfy or fulfill us.

Home is Where The Healing Takes Place

Another chapter we find ourselves having to close is in the place we call home. For many of us, our home environment, neighborhood or town can act as a huge trigger for us, for our mental health issues, and for our potential to relapse. We’re surrounded by painful memories of traumatic experiences, of childhoods we haven’t yet come to terms with, of family members and relationships that contributed to our pain. Many of us feel that in order to truly heal, we need to detach from our hometowns and create space for ourselves to branch out and expand ourselves in new and healthier spaces. It can be hard to let go of the place we’ve considered to be our home, but when we realize that it has been holding us back, we decide to close that chapter so that we can open a new one, in a place that better serves our highest good.

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