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How is Self-Directed Recovery Helpful?

The work we do in recovery is deeply personal and quite emotional in nature. We’re unearthing suppressed emotions and uncovering wounds we’ve been burying for years under layers of distraction. We’re confronting issues from our pasts and our families, traumas we’ve experienced, and fears we haven’t wanted to address. Because this work is so personal, and because each of our recovery journeys is so unique, a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment often doesn’t work for many of us. We need individualized treatment plans that fit our needs and that are customized to our unique experiences and challenges. When we’re able to take advantage of this kind of treatment, and when we’re given the space to design our own recovery program, we become empowered to be even more involved in our own healing process. We’re able to have more say over how the process will go for us, and we’re able to have autonomy in our own recovery. How is self-directed recovery helpful?

Our experiences with addiction can leave us feeling totally powerless in our lives, paralyzed by fear and shame, and consumed with the weight of the pressures we feel every day. We’re so inundated with difficult thoughts and emotions that we often don’t have the inner peace or the clarity to think through how we’re going to recover, what we need in order to heal ourselves, and how we can make sure our needs are met. We’re feeling so confused, so debilitated, it can feel as though we’re drowning. We lose our direction in life and have no clear sense of purpose. When we’re finally able to prioritize our sobriety and decide to enter treatment, one of the things that can most help us take back control of our lives is a self-directed recovery program.

Write The Ending To Your Story 

The idea is that not only will our treatment plan be individualized to us and our particular needs, we also will have the opportunity to design what our plan will look like, what kinds of programs and therapies will be included, and who are care-providers will be. We know ourselves best, so our input is invaluable when it comes to creating a plan that will actually be effective for us. We can collaborate with our providers to make our treatment program-specific, in-depth, and clear. We can make sure our unique strengths, needs, challenges, and wishes are all taken into account.

The alternative, having a treatment plan prescribed for us, means we’re receiving the exact same plan as everyone else, and this isn’t always effective for us, and our unique needs aren’t always met. With self-directed recovery, we start to own our healing process. We develop greater responsibility for ourselves and are able to start taking more accountability. We can have greater results because we’re taking our treatment into our own hands, reclaiming our power, and directing the course of our recovery.

At The Guest House Ocala, our recovery programs include many experiential modalities including traditional therapy, conscious connected breathwork, equine therapy, somatic experiencing, art in healing, grief therapy, mindfulness and other forms of therapy. Call 855-483-7800 today for more information.