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Developing Healthier Habits

Our addictions and mental health issues contribute to the formation of some very unhealthy and toxic habits, habits that we perpetuate over the course of our lives and that become part of our everyday routines and our lifestyles. The more we repeat our habits, the more ingrained they become, until we’re often not even aware we’re doing them. We have unhealthy habits in our relationships, in the way we care for ourselves, in how we handle our problems, in how we avoid our pain. Our habits become our way of life, how we move through the world. They become part of who we are and how we self-identify. Part of our recovery entails developing healthier habits so that as we’re working towards sobriety, we’re not unconsciously perpetuating things that hurt us, limit us and hold us back.

One of the first steps in creating healthier habits is to become more mindful and more aware of our existing habits, both the ones that serve us and the ones that don’t. The ones that we feel are healthy and empowering, we want to bolster and practice more regularly. We want them to become the foundation for how we live our lives. The other habits, the ones that make us feel burdened, heavy, sad, guilty and ashamed, the ones that fill us with regret whenever we do them, are the ones we need to shed. Let’s look at our daily lives and our routines. Let’s examine what we’re doing each and every day. Let’s assess what we’re doing as part of our morning routine, how we’re spending our day, how we’re finishing each day and preparing for the next. What are we making time for? What are we neglecting? Are we incorporating self-care into our daily routine? What things are getting sacrificed, such as time for spiritual practice?

As we define which habits to keep and practice those more, and which habits to eliminate and stop doing those, we also want to drive home why we’re building these habits, to reinforce our new, healthier, more empowered choices. We want to remind ourselves why it’s so important to have healthy habits and healthy lifestyles. We want to remind ourselves that our sobriety, our happiness and our peace of mind are contingent upon our habits. Our recovery does not happen in one fell swoop. It happens incrementally, with small changes, decisions and habits that add up to create entirely new lifestyles built around peace and joy.

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