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expressing emotionsHow we express our emotions can have an enormous impact on our mental health, how we process situations, and simply how our day goes. Learning to express our feelings positively can impact many different areas of our lives. Unlike children, adults are expected to be able to control their emotions. For many of us, this can be challenging and something that takes practice to learn to do.

Here are three techniques that may help you to express your emotions in a positive manner.


Journaling is the act of writing down your thoughts and feelings. A journal can become your safe space, where you can write down exactly what you are feeling, thinking, and any triggers you may have experienced. Keeping a journal can help you learn if there are any patterns in your mental health that may need to be addressed. Sometimes we do not realize that a particular act or person can trigger us until we see it as a pattern within our journal.

Practice Gratitude

Some people believe that being grateful has many positive health effects, such as better mood, better sleep, and less fatigue. Find something to be grateful for every day and see if that begins to help you feel better. Tell a person in your life that you are thankful for them, pause to create moments of gratitude throughout the day, or review what you are grateful for every night before bed. Everyone is different, so learning what works best for you is key to success.

Talk to Someone

Whether you talk with a friend, family member, or a mental health professional, talking to someone may help you to better understand and reflect on your feelings. Sometimes it can be challenging to pinpoint where our emotions are coming from, and talking it over with someone can help sort out your thoughts and feelings in a healthy way.

Learning to express your emotions positively can help you to work through mental health challenges. When we can understand what we are feeling, it can help us to identify patterns, triggers, and learn coping mechanisms that work for us. Sometimes working with a professional can help to determine the best techniques and skills to work through our specific situations. Here at The Guest House, we have a group of professionals ready to help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to work through any challenges you may face. Call us today to learn more about our programs and how we can help you at (855) 483-7800.