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woman-paintingThe journey through sobriety and addiction is lifelong. We continuously work through trauma, our past, remaining sober, and every other challenge that life throws our way. Even those individuals who are years past their active addiction need to find ways to continuously heal and work through their struggles in an accepting manner. The arts are not only beneficial for those in active addiction but also those in recovery and years past addiction as well. Here are a few different ways that creative activities and hobbies can help you journey through sobriety and maintain your overall well-being and mental health.

Creates an Outlet

Sometimes maintaining our sobriety can feel overwhelming. We are constantly trying to be mindful and diligent in our actions and our thoughts. Regardless of how long you have been in recovery, you still probably think about your triggers and not placing yourself in certain situations that could be dangerous to your sobriety. Sometimes our emotions can still overtake us, exhaust us, and we simply need an outlet. Having hobbies is key in moments like this. Creative activities can be great to get out our feelings without having to say anything. Many of us struggle to find the words to fit how we are feeling. We are happy and grateful for our sobriety, yet sometimes, we continue to find ourselves struggling. These emotions are perfectly normal and expected.

Creativity can be a powerful tool in many people’s lives. When we are creative, we have a place to put the feelings that we cannot say. We have an activity where we do not feel judged, and we can spill out everything that we may have been bottling up.

Finding the right tools and skills for your recovery is essential. Some of us need outlets to express ourselves. Others may need activities to keep busy, connect with others, or step outside their comfort zones. Learn what you need and roll with it.

Helps Us to Better Understand Our Emotions

Mental health and trauma are intricate and sometimes complicated to understand. Even after years of working on specific struggles from our past, something new may trigger us in unexpected ways. Creative activities can help you to get a better understanding of what you are feeling. For some people, this creative space can create an environment where emotions become clearer.

Motivates Us to Keep Moving Towards Healing

We are all on different journeys. Try not to compare your healing process to someone else’s. It is perfectly normal and okay if your healing has been a process that you feel is longer than expected. Move at the pace that is right for you. Creative activities can help us continue moving forward, exploring new emotions, and gaining control over and understanding our past.

Be Unique and Find What Works for You

There are many different creative activities and hobbies to explore. Some may be beneficial to your journey, while others may not be. Just because something works well for your sister, your cousin, or your best friend does not mean that it is the best option for you. As you have probably already found out, your journey is your own. You faced your addiction head-on, in your own way, and now you must do the same in maintaining your sobriety and overall well-being. Explore things such as painting, photography, dance, or drawing.

Many shy away from creative hobbies and activities because they think you have to be an artist to do them. Try to avoid thinking in this way. You can do any creative activity that you find yourself wanting to explore. The beauty of art is that it is subjective, even in its most basic form. Create what speaks to you or connects with what you are feeling and experiencing.

Continue Working With Mental Health Professionals

Sometimes, even in recovery, it can be challenging to understand what we are feeling. Trauma has a lasting effect, and triggers can change with time. When it comes to creative activities, you have a vast number of options. Some may be highly beneficial; others may not. Working with a professional can help you continue with your journey and find the right activities for you.

As you face new challenges, triggers may change. You may experience situations and realize you still have work to do on certain aspects of your mental health. Creative activities can help you in these situations, along with continuing to work with a professional. Working with a professional in some capacity does not mean you are struggling with maintaining your sobriety. On the contrary, working with a professional means being proactive with your mental health and trying to grow as a healthy and evolved individual.

Journeying through recovery looks different for everyone. Try not to compare your journey with others around you. Finding what your mind and body need is an essential step in healthy living. Consider some creative activities as you move through sober living. Not only do creative activities give you something fun and exciting to do, but they can also help you work through struggles you may be facing. Creativity can be a powerful tool if you find yourself struggling with your mental health. It can supply you with an outlet, help you move forward, and understand your emotions. Working with a professional will help you focus on your goals and keep moving forward in your recovery. Here at The Guest House, we are ready to step in and help you with any struggle you may be facing regardless of where you are in the recovery process. Call us today to learn more at (855) 483-7800.