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coloringWe have all colored before. It is a staple childhood activity. You grabbed your crayons and coloring book and let your creativity run wild. What most people do not realize is that coloring is a highly beneficial activity for adults as well. Whether you struggle with addiction, mental health issues, trauma, or something else, coloring can probably help in some form. Here are a few mental health benefits of coloring. 

Helps to Calm the Mind

Coloring can calm our minds. When we color, we can slow our thoughts and relax into the gentle flow of the process. 

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Finding the right stress reliever for you is important. For some people, coloring can be just that. Coloring works on the mind the very same way meditation does. It can help us to be mindful and relax. We can work to find our center and acknowledge our feelings as we do this simple activity. Many people find coloring during a therapy session to be a great option and very beneficial. 

Helps With Sleep

Coloring is a great wind-down activity. It’s an activity that rests our bodies and minds and can be a helpful addition to our pre-bed routine.

Places Our Attention Elsewhere

Coloring lets our minds wander and relax. We can think about our pictures or simply daydream relaxing thoughts. Finding an activity that can give you peace can be beneficial. If you are journeying through recovery, you may find yourself exhausted. Coloring can help you revive. 

Low Stakes Make It Pleasurable

There is little to be worried about directly related to the activity of coloring. It’s not a dangerous activity. Coloring can be fun because there is no pressure to excel at coloring. Coloring is a low-stakes activity that can simply be pleasurable. 

Coloring is an activity that can be beneficial to our mental health. It can help us to relieve stress, acknowledge our feelings, or even find our center. For some, this low-stakes activity can be helpful during therapy sessions when talk turns to stressful topics. Trying new ways to boost your mental health is good for you. Here at The Guest House, we know that navigating your mental health is difficult and often complex. It can be hard to know where to start or what you are feeling. That is where we can step in and help support you through your journey. Call us today to learn more about our treatment options at (855) 483-7800.