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self-talkSpeaking up can be hard, especially if you are naturally more reserved or quiet. You may worry about saying the wrong thing, looking stupid, or answering questions incorrectly. Everyone experiences these concerns at one time or another throughout life. However, for some people trying to be more assertive can cause great stress and worry. This can then lead to isolation and an even greater lack of assertive qualities. If you are trying to become more assertive, here are a few simple things to keep in mind. 


Practice makes perfect. Role-playing lets you practice being assertive in a controlled and safe environment. There is nothing wrong with practicing being assertive or standing up for yourself. If you wanted to work on your soccer skills, you would practice without a second thought. Mental health is no different and deserves your time and energy. 

Believe in Your Worth

Believing in yourself is a powerful thing. When we can find our confidence, we can learn to work on our weaknesses and harness our strengths. 

Positive Self-Talk

Talking positively to yourself can help you to learn to be more assertive. If you constantly fill your mind with negative thoughts and put yourself down, you will develop a sense of low self-worth. When we think of ourselves negatively, it can make being assertive very difficult. Give yourself a break and work on creating positive self-talk full of optimism and support. 

Assess Your Strengths and Weaknesses

You are far more than your diagnosis, your past choices, or how you present yourself. You have strengths that are amazing and unique to you. Remembering you have both strengths and weaknesses will help you realize you can be assertive and say what is on your mind. 

It is important to learn to be assertive. Standing up for yourself, saying what is on your mind, or offering your opinions are all part of maintaining your confidence and sense of importance. When we are assertive, we can build our confidence and realize we can reach our goals and stand on our own without support. If you struggle with addiction, mental health issues, or trauma, it can be hard to learn to be assertive and build your confidence back up. If you feel this way, know you are not alone. The professionals at The Guest House are ready to help you conquer your fears and work through recovery. Call us today to learn more at (855) 483-7800