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How Can I Better Express My Emotions When Learning to Cope With Past Trauma?

Often times following traumatic events, we feel closed off from the world around us. We have a difficult time expressing ourselves to others and begin to feel “shut out.” Sometimes, we know that the emotion is inside of us somewhere, but we just cannot get it out! Expressive therapies having been incorporated into many people’s treatment programs, such as art therapy, music therapy, and cinema therapy.

These therapies help clients express their emotions in different ways. But, for those of us who still need practice expressing emotions verbally in daily situations, psychodrama might prove to be a useful therapeutic intervention. Psychodrama incorporates elements of the theater into therapeutic sessions. Using elements of the theater, such as dramatic expression and role-playing, you can learn how to better express your emotional states.

You can also learn new ways of communicating with others by acting out scenarios with your therapist. Psychodrama can be conducted in both individual and group sessions. During group sessions, you can learn from your peers as they act out their role-playing exercises. You can safely practice new skills while in a safe and healthy environment. When working within the therapeutic environment, you can gain confidence in your expressive communication skills to then use in the outside world.

Typically, psychodrama is best conducted by a therapist trained in the practice, referred to as a psychodrama director. You can, however, incorporate elements of psychodrama in your current therapy sessions by role-playing life scenarios with your therapist, or by practicing new social skills with a peer.

If you enjoy the theater, movies, or acting, then psychodrama might be a way to enhance your current therapeutic treatment. Psychodrama can also be augmented with cinema therapy, which uses films to learn about emotional expression. Talk to your therapist about psychodrama to incorporate this expressive therapy into your sessions!

Psychodrama can be merged into more traditional forms of therapy, like talk therapy and group sessions. You can act out scenarios to practice real-life interactions with the safety of a therapeutic environment and the guidance of your therapist or group. The Guest House incorporates elements of psychodrama into our many therapeutic approaches. We offer a wide array of other expressive therapies as well, including art in healing, music therapy, and cinema therapy. Call the staff at The Guest House today at (855) 483-7800 for more information!