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Having a loved one struggling with addiction can be challenging. It may feel natural to want to step in and fix their problems for them. Sadly, in situations such as addiction, you cannot solve their problems or take away their struggles.

You can, however, support them every step of the way. If you are wondering how to approach a loved one about their substance abuse, here are a few suggestions.

Listen More Than You Talk

Let them talk. Your loved one’s thought processes may be different than yours. Learn what they are thinking and feeling and how they are processing their choices. You cannot support your loved ones until you know how they are feeling and thinking.

Be Kind

You may disagree with their choices, but you can still be kind. If your loved one is simply feeling judged, they will not be as willing to open up to you, and they surely will not find comfort in speaking with you.

Approach the situation with an open mind and remember you do not need to agree with their past choices to support them through their recovery.

Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries can be a challenging thing to do when you desperately want to help your loved one. Setting boundaries, however, is the best thing you can do. Work with a mental health professional to learn how to best support your loved one.

Help Them Seek Help

Open communication is crucial if you want to help a loved one with their addiction. Some people simply want support in the form of communication and comfort. Others would benefit from support with seeking out help from a mental health care provider, getting bills in order, or finding a stable and healthy living environment.

Talk with your loved one about how you can best support them. Try to be there for them emotionally and physically if that is what they need. You may see that what they need from you changes as they journey through treatment. Always keep the lines of communication open.

Having a loved one struggling with substance abuse can be scary and overwhelming. In situations such as these, you may find yourself unable to fix their problems like you would like to do. The truth is, your loved one needs to journey through recovery on their own. You can, however, support them every step of the way. Here at The Guest House, we know how stressful and overwhelming it can be to support a loved one struggling with addiction. We can help you learn how to best support your loved one and manage your own mental health along the way. Call us today at (855) 483-7800.