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How Can People Find Rest in Recovery? 

Rest is a difficult thing for people in recovery. Quite often, they are restless, struggling with mental health issues, and possibly in physical pain. Early recovery also messes with the body’s ability to stay focused, feel level, and there are no substances to keep symptoms of PTSD or other issues away. At the end of the day, it seems ridiculous to tell people in recovery to ‘rest up’ when it is anything but restful. However, there are some ways to find better rest that can be helpful to get through the tough times.


Find ways to practice self-care in recovery. It is vital to ensure a person maintains their sanity in the midst of a lot of crazy things happening. Laundry can pile up, the chores can wait a day, and the gym may be the best thing on the list. Maybe it’s that new coffee shop or friend who wanted to meet up. Maybe it is extra meetings to connect with other sober people. Self-care is especially important if a person feels tired of the same routine. Shake it up by taking good self-care pursuits into practice. There is always that nap or quiet time, too, that can be great self-care.


Some people will take advantage of every opportunity a person has to be helpful, serve others, or get out there and meet new faces. Know when to say ‘no.’ Boundaries are an essential part of the journey of recovery. Don’t say ‘yes’ when ‘no’ is what you mean. People will respect strong boundaries more than coming back later and changing your mind. 

Be Still

Sometimes recovery is like a crazy ride, with lots of activities, recovery meetings, and places to go or people to meet. Don’t get exhausted early on running around to every meeting. Temper it with some stillness and quiet space. Be intentional about creating space to go where it feels restful and quiet. This might include going out in nature, finding quiet spaces at home, or creating those spaces to go for quiet.

Don’t Do Anything

Lack of productivity is not something people do well. Everyone wants to be on the go and running all the time. Spend time doing unproductive things that are restful. Pull out some adult coloring books, doodle in a notepad, or get an app on an electronic pad to draw and sketch things on. Read some books or just dilly dally around the yard gardening and doing house projects. Give time to rest but also just be unproductive and a bit lazy once in a while. It is good to let the mind wander sometimes and not be going full tilt.

Spaces of rest are healing in recovery. Find ways to be unproductive, less productive, or differently productive instead of pushing harder for the next goal. Think about ways to incorporate rest and mindfulness into everyday life for a better, more well-rounded recovery. 

The Guest House Ocala supports your journey of healing from addiction. We encourage restfulness but also spaces of healing that incorporate whatever it is you’ll need to find peace in recovery. Call us to find out how to get started: 1-855-483-7800