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How Can We Handle Conflict in Healthy Ways?

In early recovery, we need to determine what triggers us to use our drug of choice. Many of us find that interpersonal conflicts are the most powerful triggers in our lives. Conflicts with our loved ones can be especially impactful. When we have an argument or misunderstanding, we’re accustomed to getting high to forget the situation. When we’re filled with anger, bitterness, and resentment, our drug of choice helps us to get our minds off of things. Our drug of choice provides us a sense of escape, respite, and distraction from racing thoughts. We self-medicate when we don’t know how to handle our conflicts in healthier ways. How can we help ourselves deal with conflict rather than allowing it to feed our addictive patterns?

Attending Family or Group Therapy

We might consider therapy for our personal issues, but we might not have considered it for our interpersonal issues and conflicts. We can attend family or couples therapy, group therapy sessions, or family support group meetings. Talking through unresolved issues that have accumulated over the years can be massively beneficial. In a group setting, we’ll find support as we address deep patterns of hurt, abandonment, and betrayal. We can process our feelings together and find common ground. Group therapy teaches mindful, conscious listening, and cooperative problem-solving. We can learn to work with one another as opposed to fighting against each other. When we’ve been struggling with family or relationship conflicts, we don’t have to be isolated and alone with our pain. Typically, our loved ones are experiencing similar emotions, and we can process and work through them together. Getting support can help us to gain the understanding and empathy we need to heal. 

Writing Letters

Sometimes talking is incredibly difficult. Even being in the same room with those who’ve hurt you can feel impossible. Often, we’re dealing with years of hurt, and we might not be ready to face each other yet. In these situations, it can be therapeutic to write each other letters. We might want to write just to get everything without censoring anything. Later, we can modify what we actually send to the other person. We must be considerate of their feelings to protect the overall health of the relationship. As the letters go back and forth, we can resolve years of pain in a safe space. In other situations, you may not want to send the letters at all! Looking at your own feelings and pain on paper can be an incredibly effective tool. 

There are many ways to heal the interpersonal pain in your life. The most important thing is that you begin practicing awareness of the emotions you’re experiencing in your life. When you’re ready to begin the work of healing, we are here to support you. The caring, compassionate staff of The Guest House is here whenever you’re prepared to start your journey to recovery and healing.  Call 855-483-7800 today for more information.