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Although our childhood experiences can profoundly affect our adult mental health issues, sometimes it can be difficult to connect our childhood experiences to the struggles we are currently facing. That is when working with a mental health professional can be extremely helpful and eye-opening. If you are struggling with a mental health issue and think your childhood experiences may be impacting it, here are a few tips to keep in mind. 


Reach Out to a Professional 


Mental health professionals are trained to help you make connections that often go unnoticed. A therapist can help you analyze your struggles and help you learn the best tools and skills needed to face those struggles and reach your goals.


Write Your Story


For some people, the process of writing their stories or experiences down can be very therapeutic. If you are struggling with an experience, try writing it down. Try to write the story that keeps you up at night. Sometimes when we can get the story out, we experience a sense of relief. 


Create a Strong Support Circle


Having support is completely necessary as you work through recovery. We all need people to lean on during those hard days. We all need support and a sense of belonging. Recovery is a challenge and will test your strength. Having loved ones around you can alleviate that discomfort and instill in you confidence and willpower. 


Acknowledge Your Feelings


Many people struggle to face childhood trauma because, as adults, we push those feelings aside and continue with our daily lives. Try to fight this urge. Take the time needed to acknowledge your feelings. Working through past trauma means accepting how that trauma makes you feel and affects your life. Connecting with past trauma can be uncomfortable, but it is worth it.


Negative childhood experiences can have a profound effect on our adult lives. Every person is affected by their childhood, both in positive and negative ways. If you struggle with adverse childhood experiences, know that you are not alone, and we are here to help. Here at The Guest House, we are trained to help people like you work through their struggles and reach their goals. We are ready to develop a customized treatment plan to help you on your road to recovery and healing. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about how we can support you.