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How Do I Beat Boredom in Recovery?

Figuring out how to beat boredom can be challenging, especially if you’re in recovery. When you were in active addiction, you were likely busy a lot of the time. Now that you’re in recovery, you may feel you have too much free time. It is that time of year when it gets colder and darker, and isolation may be creeping in. Maybe you find yourself doing the same things daily and tired of the monotony. On the other hand, maybe you’ve stopped engaging in things that sparked joy like exploring nature or surfing.

This blog post will discuss boredom and give examples of what can cause boredom in recovery. It will also provide helpful tools and how The Guest House can accommodate you in recovery.

How Do I Know if I Am Bored in My Recovery?

Being bored in recovery can be a trigger for relapse, especially in early recovery. This is because addictive substances change how the brain stores and receives information. The brain releases dopamine to reward behavior and encourages a person to repeat the same behaviors. For example, spending time with a loved one or eating a yummy meal will release dopamine, causing the brain to want more of that experience. When engaging in using drugs or alcohol, the brain releases dopamine as well. The body cannot separate naturally produced dopamine surges from unnatural ones; it simply obeys the signals.

This dopamine cycle is what makes early recovery difficult. Understandably, the body wants more pleasurable activities. Perhaps it helps to understand that you may not actually be bored; instead, your body is going through a loss of dopamine. This understanding can be beneficial when trying to beat boredom in recovery.

There are many signs of boredom, and these are some of the most common signs:

  • Feeling restless
  • Becoming more isolated
  • Feeling less happy
  • Overspending money
  • Having a lack of motivation

What Causes Boredom in Recovery?

Boredom can result from not feeling fulfilled by the work you are doing. Exploring what in your life is manifesting is important so that you can beat boredom. For example, you may not find your work as satisfying as you once did. In this case, it is important to engage in a self-check to determine the barrier to feeling satisfied.

Several attributing factors can cause boredom to surface. These include:

  • A lack of consistent sleep
  • Low levels of stimulation in one’s life
  • A lack of control over one’s daily activities
  • Poor time-awareness or ability to manage time
  • Loss of interest in one’s current activities

Now that you are aware of factors that can cause boredom in recovery, you can have a better idea of how to eradicate boredom. Sometimes it is just a small change that can lead to big results. Other times, changing your thoughts can be hard. Regardless, recovery is a journey and all you need to do is show up for yourself in recovery.

In certain more significant cases of boredom, boredom can be a symptom of mental health conditions such as depression. In these cases, it can be helpful to get in touch with a professional, such as therapists at The Guest House, to guide you in ways to beat boredom.

5 Easy Ways to Beat Boredom

You can do many things to beat boredom in recovery. You do not have to make intense changes; a small tweak can lead to a positive outcome. Take some time and explore whether there is anything different in your life that is causing you to be understimulated. If not, read on for easy ways to engage in something different and beat boredom.

1.) Join a new club: This could be a gym, book club, or hobby group. Do something that you have never done before to beat boredom. Plus, you will feel good because you tried something new.

2.) Engage in a 12-Step program: You can enjoy a 12-Step meeting online or in person. The best part is that you get to decide how you will engage and when.

3.) Volunteer: Helping others will help you. Giving back to the community can be beneficial in many ways, not just to you but to others. Also, this is a great way to beat boredom in recovery.

4.) Journal: Start writing down your thoughts and feelings on paper. This way, you can reflect on how far you have come. One way to beat boredom is by creating greater self-awareness.

5.) Establish a routine: Create a routine with just three positive things you do in the mornings. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, so start today and continue those habits for three weeks.

How Can The Guest House Help Me Beat Boredom in Recovery?

There may not be a simple answer as to how you became bored during your recovery. However, no matter where you are at in your recovery, The Guest House can help get you where you need to be. At The Guest House, we have highly trained professionals waiting to assist you in recovery using cutting-edge therapies.

It has been said that recovery is not a destination but a journey. During the journey, everyone will get bored at some point. To ensure boredom doesn’t turn into relapse, you need to take action. We have a variety of programs available to help you beat boredom in recovery and we will always meet you right where you are with unconditional positive regard.

Recognizing that boredom has surfaced in your recovery can be challenging. Fortunately, you have connected the dots and are able to understand how you go to this place. Being bored in recovery is important to address, because it can be a trigger for relapse. You have the power to change how you view your current situation. If you are struggling with boredom in recovery, there is help available for you. At The Guest House, we understand how difficult it can be to be vulnerable and reach out for help. If you or someone you know is struggling with boredom in recovery, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (855) 483-7800 today.