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Going through life means going through life with others. With approximately 7.8 billion people on the planet, there is no doubt that you will encounter difficult people from time to time, especially in recovery. As people recover from their hurtful past and shameful guilt, they may say and do things that you could find off-putting. Here are some ways to let your program work through you and onto them. 

Treat Them Like a Newcomer

Difficult people will always be around, so if you already know how to react to them, you will not have to put yourself in a situation to confront them. If you treat them the way you would treat a newcomer who just came into recovery, you can show them some loving-kindness that they may not be used to. By lending them some compassion without judgment, you will be helpful rather than harmful. You can show them what tolerance looks like, not for them, but yourself.

Practice Spiritual Principles in All Your Affairs

Your recovery must come before anything. While they may display bad behavior, you do not have to respond in a negative way because you will have your spiritual principles to fall back on. Being the bigger person just feels good and helps you to set boundaries that will help both of you to get along better. 

Detach With Love

Even though your goal may be to show them a different side of love through your considerate actions, you may eventually have to detach from them with love. You will never be able to change who they are as much as you may want to. Sometimes, you may feel like you are responsible for their behavior, but they need consequences to have a chance to change. Still, they must own their behavior because you cannot do it for them. You are directly responding to them with the choice of thoughtfulness rather than reacting with apprehension. 

Hurt people hurt people, and to break that cycle, you have to do your part, which means expressing compassion. Of course, you should never be abused just because service is part of your recovery. Learn to live and let live instead of making matters worse, and then pray for their healing. Send blessings their way because you can be the light in the world that makes a difference without being someone’s punching bag. Use the recovery tools you have learned and you can be an instrument of peace.  


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