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How Do I Learn to Be Present in the Moment?

You may find yourself searching for solitude in your space. Learning how to be present in the moment allows you to generate acceptance of yourself and others. It gives you a sense of peace of mind with a powerful sensation of being able to trust in yourself. Being present can help slow down your mind and decrease stress.

When you practice being in the moment, you are building good self-care habits for your future. You have come to this point because you are curious about how this mindfulness practice can help you grow. It is easy to get caught up in the everyday obligations of life. You have responsibilities to take care of and may often forget about taking care of yourself.

Perhaps you find yourself focusing on the past, and your brain goes over actions that you have committed. Maybe you think about all the scenarios that could happen in the future. To you, this is a part of being prepared for what could happen. Within your emotions, this creates chaos, and from this chaos, anxiety is born. This article will provide several ways for you to learn to be present in the moment and discuss the benefits of mindfulness.

What Does Being Present in the Moment Mean?

Take a moment to be still and observe all that is around you. At this moment, you are in control of your experience. You get to decide what you look at and what you give meaning to. This is an example of being present. The act of being present is being mindful of all that is around you.

Being present is called mindfulness. You get to choose whatever word you use. There is no right or wrong with learning to be present in the moment. Of course, you will drive yourself nuts if you try to be present in all moments. So start slow. Perhaps within the first five minutes of waking up, take time to notice how your body feels, or disconnect from technology for several minutes and focus on yourself.

When you can be present in the moment, you can show appreciation for all things around you. This can create a space of connectedness and acceptance.

What Are the Benefits of Presence?

Research suggests that being present in the moment creates positive emotions and greater psychological health. You are decreasing stress and anxiety when you ground yourself within the present moment. Doing so helps you to regulate negative emotions in a healthy way.

Being present incorporates the power of being able to experience all that is around you and within you. You have the choice to experience moments as they are and think of ways to live more fully. Being present means experiencing moments with intention and purpose. Your thought process will start to change, and greater happiness will begin to surface.

How to Be Present in the Moment

Perhaps you think that this all sounds too good to be true. How do you put this into action? You are practicing just by reading and focusing your attention on this article. Look at that — you are being present in the moment.

Take a moment and notice how you are sitting. Perhaps you are slouching, or maybe you are not in a well-lit area. At this moment, examine how you feel and notice your breath. Is it hard for you to breathe? Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Just be in the moment for all that it is.

Another way to practice being in the moment is through yoga. You can calm your daily stresses by practicing yoga. This teaches you to be attentive to how your body moves through the poses and allows you to explore being present.

Meditation is another amazing way to practice being present in the moment and has many benefits. For example, research suggests that meditation can reduce physical pain. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to be present.

2 Simple Steps to Practice Being Present

First, schedule time out of your day to devote that space to mindfulness. Perhaps you set an alarm on your phone at a random time each day to remind you to pause and notice all that is around you.

Second, you can try practicing mindfulness in the shower. Take note of the water on your skin and pay attention to how your body feels before and after a shower. Perhaps you notice how your shampoo or soap smells. Be intentional and stay in the moment.

No matter what you try to do to practice being present, you are doing a great job. Don’t forget that it takes patience to master this skill. All you need is consistency and a desire to try something new. You can do anything you focus on, including learning to be in the moment. If you forget, there is always the next moment.

You have come this far in your recovery and find yourself searching for something deeper. You understand yourself more than ever, yet you desire a deeper sense of self. Being in the present takes practice and time to master. You have spent much time focusing on your past, and it is time to focus on how you feel in the here and now. Although this takes time and effort, each day, you will get better at being in the space where you thrive. At The Guest House, we value you where you are and will help you find your presence. Call us today at (855) 483-7800. We will meet you right where you are.